My Christmas Wish List

Hey, Hey Friends!

Every year I share MY CHRISTMAS WISH LIST with you.  Am I getting everything on this list?  HECK NO!  I’ll be lucky if Tab Slaughter grabs one thing off the list.  Odds are, I’ll order something online and wrap that up with, “To: Mom, From: Ebby Lee, Nixon, Bowen, and Britt” written on the package.  😉  #imlearning

These are all items I’d be super excited to open this season.

I love hearing what YOU guys are asking for this holiday season as well.  PLEASE comment and let us all know what you’re hoping to see under the Christmas tree.  Those ideas help us all!

I don’t have a roomba…am I the only one?  And to be honest, I’ve never bitten the bullet because I’ve heard mixed reviews.  If you have one, do you love it?  Or hate it?  Is it worth it?  Having something vacuum my floors sounds delightful!  And I’m pretty sure this is a gift Tab Slaughter would get behind.  🙂
A couple years ago, I snagged a Jo Malone perfume set during the Anniversary Sale and I absolutely loved it.  You know how you get immune to perfume scents if you use the same one over and over?  Well, when I used a variety I could always tell I was smelling good.   Plus they’re easy to pack for trips!  I’d love another set and I just saw this one is out for Christmas!

Last year, I bought the Google Home for Tab.  We used it hard core for about three to four months, but then I started hearing about all the fabulous things these Echo Plus can do.  I’m adding this to my list because it sounds amazing!  And seems to be able to do much more than our old Google Home.

I’ve heard such great things about this book and haven’t read it yet!  It’d be a GREAT stocking stuffer or gift this season.  If you’re read this, what did you think??

I feel like no doubt I’ve hit adulthood when I’m asking for a cookie sheet for Christmas.  Haha!  My cookie sheets/baking sheets all look like they’ve been run over by my SUV a time or two, but I’m probably not gonna go out and buy new ones for myself.  I’d love to get some as a gift.  Wouldn’t you?
You girls know I love some skincare or beauty products.  YES!  Give me all the products!  If I had a big box of products under the tree, I’d be STOKED!  These sets are perfect because they’re small sizes so you get to try a large variety and then you can buy the full size of the ones you love!

My favorite winter socks…great for stockings, a little something added to another gift, or the perfect small gift.  

Cozy Minimalist Home:  More Style, Less Stuff
Okay, this is another book I’ve seen all over social media.  Have you read it?  This is on my list because I’d love to read.  I’m quick to purchase fiction books, but this isn’t the type of book I’d buy for myself as quickly.

Okay, girls!  That’s MY CHRISTMAS WISH LIST this year.  What’s on yours??  Please leave a comment sharing a couple things on your list!  Happy Wednesday!


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