What We’ve Been Eating, Snacking on, and Baking Around Here

Hey Everyone!

It’s Monday.


We got the news last week my kids’ elementary school will be online learning the rest of this school year.  

Whomp.  Whomp. 

While I feel like the end is in sight {hopefully}, we still have many many days at home on the horizon so one way we’ve been changing things up is with new recipes, new snacks, and new desserts.  Thought your family might enjoy changing it up in your house too.

This chicken pot pie recipe is more of a soup to be served over mashed potatoes.  Holy YUM!  I just bought the Bob Evans’ mashed potatoes {that are delicious, by the way} and served the kids’ pot pie over those.  Then I had a bag of the Trader Joe’s mashed cauliflower for Tab and I to use.  We had a cool front last week so this meal was absolutely perfect and all of my kids loved it!

Here in Texas, we like it spicy!  These enchiladas were absolutely delicious!  We served ours with rice and beans and were dishing out seconds.

This is one of our favorite fish recipes {and I realize it’s not the healthiest-I’m looking at you, heavy cream} BUT it’s so darn good.  One week I had a hard time finding chicken or beef at the grocery store but there was an abundance of seafood.  My kids ALL were huge fans of the crawfish in this one.

This is another Slaughter favorite and I got this one from Marla.  {Who got it straight from the back of the Ragu Alfredo Sauce.}  Nixon would prefer two meals…steak and this chicken parmesan every other night.

One week recently, I had each of my kiddos plan a dinner meal from cookbooks we have on hand.  Bowen and Ebby Lee both chose meals from Kids in the Kitchen.  {Popcorn Chili for Ebby Lee and Meatballs for Bowen.}  Nixon chose Bleu Cheese Baked Steaks.

We have to get our dessert makin’ under control because we’ve been enjoying a sweet treat almost every evening for the last thirty-six days.  These bars were THE MOST DELICIOUS dessert!  If you’re enjoying dessert these days, MAKE these!

Ebby Lee makes these lemon shortbread bars from Trader Joe’s and they’re the perfect spring/summer treat.

Have you tried the blondie bars from Trader Joe’s?  We give them TWO thumbs up each!

We’ve also had basically every fruit known to man with a side of Nutella.  😉
And if you have Blue Bell in your area, this Cookie Step flavor is THE best!

Some of our favorite people dropped off birthday cookies for my kids and I kept talking about how good they were so she caved and shared the recipe.  

And what about this Everything But the Bagel Yogurt Dip?  YUMMY!  We eat it on crackers, carrots, chips, and basically anything else that is edible.

Another fun and way to bring a little “extra” to our dinners is a themed night!  We had a sports themed dinner recently and we all wore jerseys or something to represent our favorite team.  We served hot dogs and sausages alongside nachos.  I have a few other themed dinners up my sleeve…BBQ/Americana Night, Cajun Night, and Mexican Night.

What have YOU been serving for dinner lately?

Thinking about you guys today!  Thanks for reading!

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  1. 4.20.20
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    I picked up that EBTB dip last week for the first time and I love it!!! I eat it with their pita crackers or with the small tri color peppers. SO GOOD.

  2. 4.20.20
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Yay!! Thank you for always making my recipes!!!!

  3. 4.20.20
    Unknown said:

    Last week I made Korean BBQ Bibimbap bowls (now one of my fave dishes!) and homemade lasagna with homemade sauce and fresh mozzarella. Who knows what's up for this week. Playing it by ear.

  4. 4.20.20
    Stacia said:

    We had around the world dinners last week. Each child chose a country and food from that country. We Learned basic facts from the country and then watched YouTube videos. On the night we went to Italy, we had to get dressed in church clothes. It was so much fun!,

  5. 4.20.20
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    These all look so good. I need some new recipes to change it up.

  6. 4.20.20
    Christy said:

    These are some of my favorite posts! Would LOVE more posts like this!!!! I got a few new ideas for our family! Thank you!

  7. 4.21.20
    Pat F. said:

    Hi Erica,
    You recently wrote that you bought Ebby Lee a camera for her birthday. I need to buy a camera also, and was wondering how she likes her new camera. Can you please let me know how this new camera is doing? Is she happy with it and how are the pictures? Was it a good purchase and do you recommend it?

    Many thanks!
    Pat Frank

  8. 4.21.20
    Jill K said:

    The Joanna Gaines chicken pot pie is a favorite in our house. If you don't have her new cookbook you should get it! We have been eating all of the recipes from it this past week.

  9. 4.21.20
    Carrie said:

    How is everyone finding food for recipes?? Basically I make my list and hope for the best. If I do get curb side pick up they are typically out of 1/2 of what I need. Our Giant doesn’t substitute anymore either so that makes it worse. I can’t find curbside or delivery anywhere anymore, they are just so backed up. We live in a large town outside of Philadelphia so it isn’t like I am in a rural area. We have been hit hard. But I laughed this weekend because I had all the ingredients for manicotti in my pick up order except the actual pasta!! But forget about finding flour, yeast, sugar… Eggs are limited too.

  10. 4.21.20
    Joanne said:

    We've been eating a ridiculous amount of sweet treats too!

  11. 4.21.20
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Carrie-That’s how it was around here for the first 3-4 weeks. There are still hard to find items at times but this past week was the first time I made an actual list rather than just buying what I could find. Lots of things are limited to just one around here…eggs, meats, rice.

  12. 4.22.20
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    Nixon needs to teach my kids what's good! Especially Matthew. 🤦‍♀️ I want chicken parm tonight! (IF I can find chicken! I'm with Carrie on that! I can't get chicken in my grocery pick ups anymore!) That Inspired Chick