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It’s that time again!!!  Here’s what I’ve been wearing this week…
Military Jacket:  Nordstrom here.
Stripe Tee:  Mine is from Gap and sold out, but this tee from Gap is similar.
Jeans:  Vigoss here.  (I’ve been saying this for the last two weeks…these jeans are on sale for under $35.  If you’re on the fence…GET THEM!!)

*A super funny story…I’ve gotten lots of e-mails and comments asking me to do a hair post.  I am not qualified.  I repeat.  I am not qualified to do a hair post, but you are asking…so I’ll share with you what I do with my dry and damaged hair.  haha!  🙂  A couple weeks ago, I washed my hair at the gym and thought it’d be the perfect day to document what I do afterwards.  I started taking pictures (remember I’m at the gym) and didn’t think a THING about it.  I started doing another step in the hair process so I took another picture and this girl next to me said, “Did you just take a selfie?”!  I panicked!!  You guys!!  I didn’t know WHAT to say!!  I started laughing and said, “No, I don’t know what happened to my phone”.  I TOTALLY lied!!!  I didn’t think this girl would understand WHAT I was doing.  She’d probably think I was CRAZY!  Anyway, I’m having to start over on my hair pictures…so a hair post is coming eventually!

 Denim Jacket:  Zappos here.
Coral Blouse:  Similar here.  (This looks long enough to wear with leggings or skinny jeans.)
Tank:  Target here.  (If you’re new to the blog, I have a super long torso.  So, I wear maternity tanks under some things for two reasons…1. Layering is just cute.  2.  It ensures that my stomach won’t be showing when I raise my hands!  If you have a long torso, check them out.  They look no different than a regular tank.)
Printed Leggings:  I couldn’t find anything SUPER similar, but these skinny ankle pants from Old Navy are cute.

 Leggings:  Skinny Ankle Pants similar here.
Nude Flats:  Exact flats here from Target.

Aztec Tee:  J.Crew Factory from last year.  This is another option from J.Crew Factory.
Pink Tank:  Exact tank from Target here.
Distressed Jeans:  Vigoss here (under $35!)

Crochet Toms:  Purple Toms are back at Nordstrom!  These might be a little darker than mine, but they’ll add a pop of color to any outfit!

This girl was looking good for pic day in her high-low maxi skirt and chambray shirt.  She was rockin’ it!

Coral Blouse:  Similar here.  (Lots of color choices.)
White Tank:  Exact Target tank here.
Pinstripe Pants:  These are similar cut, but all white.  Or…these are black and white pinstripe.

Chambray Shirt:  Mine is from the fall, but this shirt from Gap is similar.
Tank:  Target here. 
Floral Shorts:  Mine are sold out from J.Crew Factory, but these are a cute floral option.

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  1. 4.16.14
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    All great outfits! And your church outfit was just like my Monday post! And I love those floral shorts!!!

  2. 4.16.14
    Unknown said:

    Those floral and patterned skinny pants are super fun!

  3. 4.16.14
    Anonymous said:

    Always my favorite posts!! You look great in all of the outfits! I love those floral shorts!

  4. 4.16.14
    Katie Paladino said:

    Love your outfits!! Especially the floral shorts!! I am right there with you with the long torso! I love the long maternity shirts from Old Navy–super cute colors and polka dot ones! You should check them out!
    And Ebby Lee is absolutely darling!! Rockin her look:)

  5. 4.16.14
    Sarah said:

    I love your hair curly in the last picture! I also almost always use maternity tanks to layer especially with leggings. Cute outfits!

  6. 4.16.14
    Traci said:

    That's so funny about taking a selfie. Sometimes I try to get a shot of myself at the gym or somewhere else for my blog of Instagram and I feel like such a dork. I try to do it inconspicuously and they always turn out blurry or crooked so I never use them.

    Also, if I see that denim jacket one more time surely I will buy it. It's so cute and I always click the link hoping the price has gone down…so far no luck. I need one for a wedding that I'm in in May.

  7. 4.16.14
    Dani {Adventures of a Pharm Girl} said:

    Bahaha that is too funny that happen to you at the gym! I had a similar experience and I was so embarrassed so I feel your pain 🙂 love your outfits and E is adorable as always. Thanks for sharing!
    x Dani

  8. 4.16.14
    Liz/ said:

    That last outfit with the floral shorts is so you and so cute, love it!!! And your story from the gym, so funny and i would have totally done the same thing and acted like I had no idea what happened with my phone, ha!!!

  9. 4.16.14
    Olivia at Joyfully Prudent said:

    Bahaha…first of all your "selfie" story made me LOL! I would have said the same thing 🙂 But how bold of her to ask that too. Secondly, I feel somewhat "fashionable" since I have those same nude flats from Target (although my pasty white feet kind of blend in with them right now…not a good look). I'm sure glad I have you guys to "dress me" I love looking cute, but really just need to see it on someone else! Cute clothes as always!

  10. 4.16.14
    Anonymous said:

    HAHAHA that selfie story is hilarious! That totally sounds like something I would do. Love the floral shorts outfit; very fun!

  11. 4.16.14
    V @ X-tremely V said:

    Your outfits are always so cute! And my goodness you are so tiny! You couldn't possibly have had three kids 🙂

    Looking forward to your hair post! Loving how it is curled in that last picture 🙂

  12. 4.16.14
    Rachel Zimm said:

    I love your coral blouse and also your floral shorts!!
    Your gym story is too funny! I'll be looking forward to your hair post 🙂

  13. 4.16.14
    Emily said:

    Oh your story made my day!!

  14. 4.16.14
    Elaine Welte said:

    I totally would've flipped if someone asked me that!

  15. 4.16.14
    Kara said:

    I love those maternity tanks since I have a long torso as well. I check the target clearance section all the time to try to find them on sale. The only problem with wearing maternity tanks in real life, is what do you wear when you really are pregnant?? #longtorsoproblems lol!

  16. 4.16.14
    Lora G said:

    I think it's hilarious that you aborted the mission when the girl asked you about taking a selfie! So what?! You were taking a selfie, she should mind her own business, haha 😉