What I’m Priming Lately…

Fingers crossed and if everything goes as planned our family is heading out of town Monday-Friday for our Spring Break trip. We have sports the weekend before and sports the weekend after, so we’re soaking up all the fun we can in the middle of the week. Amazon has been my bestie lately when I’ve been planning what to pack. Just in case you’re heading somewhere warm yourself, I thought it might be helpful to share my finds…{I apologize in advance-I couldn’t get these pics to easily save to my new computer so I just left the pics off the post. So sorry! I’ll be working on how to do this for next time.}

Cover-Up…Ebby Lee and I each chose a color and ordered one for ourselves.

White Top…spring and white go hand in hand for me. I sized up and ordered this to wear with jeans, shorts, and possibly a skirt or two.

Cool Down After Sun Spray...by far my favorite way to hydrate my skin after a day in the sun. It also is good for any sun burns.

Bracelets…a super affordable bracelet pack that I’ll wear in the sun and not worry about them. Such a great price!

Crochet Cover-Up…I saw many of these cover-ups last year and each time I thought they were adorable. I’m trying one for myself this time!

Visor...give me a visor ALL DAY EVERYDAY in the sun!

Water Football...my boys will want to throw this as much as they can!

Pouches…When I’m packing, I can never have enough pouches. These are mesh, super functional, and really cute!

Trucker Hat…Ebby Lee asked for a cute smiley face hat to wear on the beach just like this one.

Splash Swim Goggles…Britty loves these goggles the most so I grabbed a new pair for this vacation.

That was short and sweet, friends, but I’m off to pack! A girlfriend and I were texting yesterday about how leaving at Spring Break feels extremely similar to getting ready for all the Christmas activities over Christmas Break. There’s so much to do…work to finish, bags to pack, games to attend, etc. and then BAM-you’re supposed to head out of town. Really no down time to truly prepare! So if you’re feeling that way too, I feel you! See you back here tomorrow for some FAVORITES from my week!


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  1. 3.2.22
    Kelly said:

    Great find!! I will add some to my
    SAVE LATER pile

  2. 3.3.22
    Alison said:

    What a great list! Thanks for sharing!

  3. 3.3.22
    Elspeth said:

    So many fun things! I can’t wait to see where you jet off to!

  4. 3.3.22

    Seriously, what would we do without Amazon?!

  5. 3.3.22
    Sheaffer said:

    That crochet cover up is a favorite of mine! I have it in black and red. Love it!