We’re Going to Miami & Day 1…

Whitney is going to LOVE that I posted this picture.  I tried to blog steal her cute picture of us on the airport shuttle, but it wouldn’t work??  Sorry, Whit!  Here’s proof…hats & all that we were SO ready for some fun in the sun!
After the wedding festivities, Whitney, Ryan, Tab and I left early on Sunday morning to fly to Miami.  We boarded our cruise ship on Monday and were so excited about having a relaxing vacation without the kiddos.  Our kiddos were all having so much fun with their grandparents.  Thanks, Mom & Bruce!! 
 The boys were excited too!
 That night we went to an authentic Cuban restaurant, La Rosa’s, that was close to our hotel.  It was a super fun experience!  We had all the waiters helping us order something that was “really Cuban” (I think we said that several times).  After eating, the Bachelorette finale was on, so Whitney and I rushed up to the room to watch.  (That explains my Team Lowe shirt!)  Whitney commented about this on her blog, but I want to make sure I do too.  Tab is really great at rolling his r’s.  So…he would periodically say, “La Rosa’s”, with the r roll at any given moment on this trip!  Imagine Tab at the pool, at dinner, on the elevator.  You can imagine.  I’m sure.

 Getting ready to set sail.
 The sail away party that was happening on the pool deck.
 After some pool time, Whitney talked ALL of us in to participating in the Team Trivia game.  Let me just say that we were the only ones there for a while.  I was feeling good about our odds.  ha!  Then a team of REALLY intelligent looking people our age walked in.  For some reason I don’t feel like our group was giving off that vibe?  ha!  We didn’t win, but we weren’t the worst either. 
 Ryan & Whit ready for the Welcome Aboard Party and then dinner.
Miami & Day 1…a success!!

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  1. 8.4.12
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Ok, you always look pretty but you look extra pretty in that last picture. Tab looks pretty too ;).

  2. 8.5.12
    bettyj said:

    didn't know you had a blog until now. You are a beautiful family and it looks like there was a lot of fun going around on that cruise!