Wedding Weekend Recap (from Whitney’s blog)

 Hostesses with Lindsey at the bridal luncheon.
I blog stole some pictures from Whitney’s blog that I thought were cute.  So…here’s a little more wedding weekend. 
 Rehearsal Time…everyone was visiting and catching up.  No one is rehearsing JUST yet.
 Ha ha!  I look SO excited in this picture, don’t I?  I think Brynn and Grandpa were taking a picture and I jumped in at the last second?
 Ebby Lee loves this girl!

This was a little pre-wedding snack.  A flower girl needs her energy, right?
My fun family at the wedding.  I wish my head would have been turned the right way!  We missed Jared & his family in this one!
Such a fun time with the family!  So happy for Curt & Linz!

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