Wedding Weekend in Bolivar…

Oh my goodness!!!  This post got the pictures ALL mixed up?  I downloaded them in the correct order and it uploaded them ALL crazy!!  If it hadn’t taken me 15 minutes to upload the pics, then I’d start over.  But…I don’t have another 15 minutes so please go with it.  The Slaughter family loaded up early on Friday morning and set out for Bolivar, Missouri (where my Aunt Gina and her family live). 
This is Nixon after the wedding.  He’d been blowing & going ALL day long.  He did a fabulous job as the little ringbearer.  I was so proud!!  So…when we got our dinner at the reception.  He chose to eat his cupcake first and we went with it!  Little guy deserved it!
 All of my mom’s family got to the wedding/reception area early to take pictures.  I know it’s a big messy picture, but check out the background.  The reception was BEAUTIFUL!!!
 Before the wedding started we went over to check out the little horses.  This is Uncle Dale and Brynn feeding a horse.
 Right before the ceremony started….our rows.
 My Grandparents 🙂
 Ebby Lee and Jaylee were the AMAZING flower girls.  They did great!!  They hadn’t practiced with the flowers the night before, so they were sure to drop EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!
 So proud of these girls!
 Nixon (check out his sweet suspenders) and Ebby Lee got in on the horse action too.

 At the reception…Ebby Lee & Daddy
 Before the wedding…all the cute little girls posing for a picture.
 The 4 of us 🙂
 LOVED Nixon’s little outfit from the back.
 Jaylee & Ebby Lee
 Ebby Lee, Aunt Gina (MOB), and Nix
 Before the wedding, Ebby Lee got to join all the other girls at the salon to get her hair done.  That is Bride Morgan doing Ebby Lee’s hair.  How did she fit that in to her schedule?
 This was her before hair…
 I think she knows JUST what to do.
 Ebby Lee & Jaylee at the rehearsal.
 The beautiful bride, Morgan, and her dad practicing.
 Ty (the groom)
 Morgan giving Nix his gift.  It was a dump truck and he was SO excited!!
 Saturday morning before all the festivities the girls and Nix went to the park to play and feed the ducks.

 Boys at rehearsal…at this point I was REALLY nervous about how Nixon would do the next day.
 Ebby Lee was LOVING her some Brynn this weekend.
 Ebby Lee, Brynn, and Lindsey checking out the horses.
 Nixon bright and early on Friday morning. 
 Ebby Lee bright and early.
 Brynn & Ebby Lee
 Everybody wanted some “lovin’ on Brynn time”.
This is how party animal Nixon ended his night….on the dance floor.  🙂
It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding.  Morgan had thought of every detail and it was so pretty.  I’m so sad that I have no good pictures of the bride and groom!!  I’m hoping Whitney posts some and I steal them (hint hint).  But…Ty and Morgan, thank you so much for letting my kiddos be a part of your special day.  We love you!!!

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  1. 6.15.12
    Andrea - Momfessionals said:

    Ebby Lee could not have looked any cuter! That picture of her and the other girls was PRECIOUS! Y'all looked GREAT! 🙂