A Momentous Occasion…

 Last week Ebby Lee had her FIRST SLEEPOVER!!!  Her friend, Kirby, came over to play and we asked if she could just spend the night!!  How old are these girls??  We had dinner and played outside.  Ebby Lee was so excited!!
 Then we all had baths and it was movie time!  Check out Nixon’s face?  ha!
 This was the arrangement.  Ebby Lee’s new big girl bed has a trundle, so we pulled that out for Kirby.  I was AMAZED at how well they did.  After a couple times of them getting up, I decided to lay in there with them until they went to sleep.  They were out by 10:00!!!  And…they slept until about 8:00!  Wahoo!
 The girls ready to go at 8:00!!! 
They had so much fun playing.  The next day we had plans to go swim, but it rained.  So…we met some friends at McDonalds for lunch.  I’m looking forward to many more sleepovers with these sweet girls!  Hope I can always get them to bed by 10:00!  ha! 

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