Walt Disney World Fall 2019-Part Two

Today is Part TWO, friends!

Yesterday, I shared the awesome, busy, exhausting, amazing day one of a Walt Disney World experiences program I participated in last week at Walt Disney World.  This is a program just for travel agents where in true Disney fashion, they rolled out the red carpet for us and showed us all the “extras” they have to offer.

Day Two of my Walt Disney World program started nice and early!

A delicious breakfast buffet at The Wave inside the Contemporary Resort was the perfect way to start the day.  I’m gonna be honest…anytime my day begins with a cheesy hashbrown, I know it’s gonna be a great day.

After a morning full of presentations, we were taken over to Coronado Springs to check out Toledo for lunch in the new Gran Destino Tower.

This restaurant is GORGEOUS!

The tile had my heart.  

Most popular DM I got during my trip, “Where are those shoes from?”….super comfy shoes, come in a variety of colors.

Toledo is typically only open for dinner but they opened just for us…these were our choices.

With windows all around, the views were stunning.


Right across the hall is the Dahlia Lounge…another super cute spot with once again-great views.

We scoped out a room as well…super nice!

There’s that pretty tile again!

The lobby area in the Gran Destino Tower was just as gorgeous.

A look from the outside.

Coronado Springs was looking pretty.

We checked out a newly refurbished room.

Before making our way over to Pop Century Resort to see their new rooms.

We were all laughing because when thirty-five agents are going in and out of a room to take a peek and pictures it was absolutely impossible to snap a picture without someone else in the background.

Have you heard of the new Walt Disney World Riviera Resort?  It’s scheduled to open in December of this year.  We were able to take a look at some of the “model” rooms and they were stunning!

Aren’t they pretty?

And a quick look at the Copper Creek Villas as well.

Before heading over to Animal Kingdom Lodge…

It was so informative getting a look at all the newly refurbished rooms and certain resorts.  Loved spending my afternoon with some resort tours!

Next up on our list of fun…Circle of Flavors:  Harambe at Night at Animal Kingdom.  This is essentially a progressive dinner with several small bite options at each stop along with entertainment.

The fun began at the train station where we could grab a few bites and a drink while listening to live music.

The train took us to our next stop.

Which happened to be my favorite stop…LOOK at those caramel apple slices.  I wish I had some right now!  They were SO GOOD!

Timon and Rafiki were at stop #2 meeting and greeting each of us.

My top and shorts are from early summer so they’re sold out but these are the exact shorts in a different print.

Stop #3 found us back at the Harambe Market {right near where we started} and there were TONS of food options.  It was at this stop where I realized I LOVE some street corn.  

Animal Kingdom wasn’t busy at all.

The park at night was absolutely gorgeous.

We had reserved seating at the Rivers of Light:  We Are One show.

Such a perfect way to end day two.

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Thanks for reading today!

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  1. 8.27.19
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Is it weird that I love the resort tour pics so much?! I now need to go back and stay at like 5 different resorts!

  2. 8.27.19
    nearawayfaraway said:

    I must admit it was deeply disappointing on a most recent Disney World trip to have to leave the park early in the evening because of a “planned evening” such as the Halloween Boo party. The children were so disappointed and had looked forward to continuing their day at The Magic Kingdom. We could not afford to reticket for the evening. I know this is financially rewarding for the Disney organization but a poor and heartbreaking business model when you have limited days at the park.

  3. 8.27.19
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    ALL of the resorts are beautiful. And now I want street corn.

  4. 8.27.19
    Anonymous said:

    What a fun day!! Those resorts look fabulous!

  5. 8.27.19
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    Those resorts look gorgeous!!! It makes me want to book a trip to Disney now! Love it!

  6. 8.27.19
    Bren said:

    Love the resort tours! Thank you so much for sharing your experience! Question for you – are all the rooms at Pop Century remodeled or are these brand new rooms? Thanks, Erika!

  7. 8.27.19
    Kelly said:

    Love seeing your recaps and all the behind the scenes. I'm planning to order the Ilse Jacobsen shoes that you are wearing. I'm worried about sizing. How did you find them to fit? Thanks.

  8. 8.27.19
    Lauren Donoghue said:

    I’m hoping someone else agrees with me here but I feel like WDW has food that is way too fancy for what it is – when I’m on a vacation like that, at least for lunch, I want a BLT to club sandwich and I feel like the restaurants at WDW don’t offer more casual food. Maybe I’m looking at the wrong ones! I know there’s casual vendor food. I feel this way about resort town in the Lakes Region in N.H. too. I want to be able to hop off the boat and have lunch but all the restaurants are fancy, with a few exceptions.

  9. 8.27.19
    Jen said:

    What level of hotel is the new Disney World Riviera Resort?

  10. 8.27.19
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    Oh my goooossshhhhh I want to go back!
    That Inspired Chick

  11. 8.27.19
    Lindsey said:

    Coronado Springs and Pop Century are 2 of our favorites. We are annual passholders this year and stay at these two the most. You can always find a good deal. Coronado has ceiling fans in their rooms, which was a fun surprise for us. The quick service restaurant has the best food! I love your recap posts!

  12. 8.27.19
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Nearawayfaraway-It’s definitely an event we plan around for our clients. Whether they’re attending or not. I totally understand your frustration!

    Bren-Yes! All rooms at Pop Century are now refurbished!

    Kelly-I ordered my typical 7 and they fit great. They do stretch out a bit so if you’re close, I’d go down.

    Lauren-I love WDW food because I think they have such a mix. Lots of more casual food is offered but maybe you’re just not seeing it. On this particular trip, I think WDW was pulling out all the stops so I never once had casual food. Even my biscuits for breakfast were spruced up with fancy butter and jam. 🙂

    Jen-It’s a Deluxe Villa Resort.

  13. 8.28.19
    nearawayfaraway said:

    Thanks ever so much Erika! Your response was lovely. When you can only stay one day and the children had so looked forward to the evening parade they were heartbroken and felt ‘kicked out’ of the park—we just couldn't afford to purchase a separate ticket for the evening. Hoping Disney will re-look this business model. And so glad they have travel agents like you to give them feedback. They do so much that is right—this feels out of character.

  14. 8.28.19
    Joanne said:

    I love seeing all the different resorts; we've always tried to stay at a different one each trip. So far our family favorite was Saratoga Springs; it didn't hurt that we were just steps away from both the pool and the bus stop!