Tuesday Talk-Hamper Help


TUESDAY TALK with Fancy Ashley coming in hot!  Friends, today I’m coming at you with something I really need your advice and help with. 

How do you keep up with all your kids’ sports uniforms?

Is there a name for someone who gets majorly stressed over the possibility of losing a sports’ jersey {or one sock, or the practice jersey, or the matching baseball pants, or basically fill in ANY sports’ uniform item here}?  Because if there is, I’m self-diagnosing.  

I can wake myself up from a great slumber and instantly think-WHERE ARE BOWEN’S FLAG FOOTBALL SOCKS?  And the next thing you know I’m up, out of bed at three a.m. looking in the laundry to see where his socks are.  FYI-as I’m typing this out, I’m realizing this maybe should have been an Owning It-type of post where I shared a little of my mom crazy because I’m pretty sure this qualifies.  😂😂😂😂

What makes me feel the most confident in my ability to wash, dry, and have the uniform ready to go at the next event is having the kid bring me the uniform and I handle it all.  But that doesn’t seem like the way to encourage some responsibility.

I’m gearing up for the spring sports season and will have kids in a variety of activities with practice jerseys and uniforms galore.  I need to set something in place that makes my life a little easier.

Mamas, tell me your ways!

Do you have a laundry basket or hamper that is ONLY for sports uniforms?  Is there a special, designated area where your children put these and then you wash it?  Do you ask them to just bring you the entire uniform?  What do you do?  I want to teach them responsibility and make my life a little easier in the process.  We need to set this up soon so by mid-March it’s a no brainer.

I do have one big tip for you…
After multiple panicked moments of, “WHERE IS YOUR OTHER VOLLEYBALL SOCK?!?”, or “WHERE IS THAT BLUE UNIFORM?!”, my girlfriend, Lori, told me years ago and I’ve been implementing it ever since is the day before practice or a game she asks her child to go touch the entire uniform.  I made the mistake of asking, “Do you know where your baseball uniform is?” and always got the “Of course, Mom”, answer, but when it came time to get ready for the game we’d be scrambling.  She would make her kids go touch it…the pants, the socks, the jersey, etc.  If they have to touch it, then there’s no scrambling fifteen minutes before you’re wanting to leave.  

I’d love to hear how you handle this at your house!  My three a.m. sleeping self thanks you in advance!

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