Three Thursday Things-Home Edition

I was trying to come up with an alliteration and Three Thursday Things kind of rolled off the tongue so alas a little blog post was born. 😉

  1. A quick little house update-we’re living in our house! YAY!! There are still lots of loose ends that are being tied up in the next couple weeks. For instance, our kitchen cabinets have been installed, painted, and even have hardware but are missing the shelves inside. We can only put away so much in the kitchen when you can only use that main bottom shelf in each cabinet. Our new pantry is officially my new favorite room, but the crew was short a few brackets when installing shelves so again-we can’t really put much away in this room either. Our master bathroom is getting some finishing touches this week…shower glass, mirror, stain on cabinets, etc. so we can’t move into that space quite yet. All that to say, we’re absolutely LOVING it but are still living in a bit of chaos.
  2. Our neighborhood looks SO festive with all these decorated homes for Christmas. Each year we have a friend/firefighter hang our Christmas lights. This year we haven’t quite found where we put the outdoor Christmas light tub when we were packing everything up. Tab keeps telling me he knows where it is and then his search winds up empty-handed. Our lights guy has been so gracious and kind. He checks in with us periodically and we have our fingers crossed we miraculously find those lights STAT so we can add a little Christmas cheer to our street.
  3. Yesterday, the cabinet guys came to discuss a few other spots that need a cabinet, the shutter guy showed up to discuss windows, the organizer was here helping get our spaces nice and tidy {I can’t wait to share her information with you-after meeting with her for the first time I told Tab, “She’s gonna change my life”. Seriously, she’s amazing!}, and the furniture delivery crew showed up to deliver our new sectional. Amidst that I was working, trying to unpack, and {you know how Moms do} spread a little Christmas cheer. Around 6:30 last night, I hit a bit of a wall. Tab was out of town, but I crashed way early {I was super thankful for older kids last night}. I’m saying all that to say-how can it JUST be Thursday?! hahahahaha! Longest week ever, right?

Okay, it’s super short and sweet today because well, let’s visit #3 above…I have a long list of to-dos on this Thursday. Hoping you get your to-do list knocked out early! Happy Thursday, Everyone! See you back here tomorrow!


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  1. 12.1.22
    Elspeth said:

    You are super mom! Can’t wait to see the end result!

  2. 12.1.22

    It looks AMAZING! Andrew and I couldn’t decide which room was our favorite yesterday! It was SO WORTH the craziness, friend! It’s fabulous!

    • 12.1.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Thank you!!