Friday Favorites-1.15.21

It’s FRIDAY!  Girls, I’ve gotta be honest…I feel like I’m behind on my life this week!  Whoever said, “The days are long but the years are short”, I need to have a word with because my days have been flying by.  Or maybe I’m overestimating and underselling the amount it takes me to get things done?  haha!  Could go either way!

I’m here with Andrea to share some FRIDAY FAVORITES from my week…
First up, so many FAVORITES in this pic…this casual easy pullover, those earrings {on MAJOR sale}, house shoes, and that cutie holding onto my leg.


FAVORITE #2…is Britty and her love for this gymnastics bar.  Santa brought this for Christmas and she’s in LOVE!

You’d be amazed at how many flips she had to do in order to get that picture.  My reflexes are so slow…they all kept looking like this!  


I’ve shared this chronological bible plan already this year but I’ve gotten tons of messages with questions about the book, the podcast, the study guide and more.  I’m by no means an expert on The Bible Recap but I’m happy to share what I’ve been doing.  And spoiler alert-it’s a FAVORITE!  If you have any thoughts or questions, please leave a comment or message me.  My entire Monday post is all about The Bible Recap….LOVING it!  {And I got that same message from lots of you when I shared on IG!}


Tab and my kids started watching Duck Dynasty this week and it’s probably Bowen’s new FAVORITE!  They all enjoy watching it and the fact that at the end of every episode the family gets together to pray before enjoying a meal makes it one of MY FAVORITES for them to watch!


Okay, let’s talk about this FAVORITE…Matt James as the Bachelor!!!  I’m LOVING Matt as the Bachelor.  What do you think?  I followed along with he, Tyler Cameron, and Hannah Brown as the “Quarantine Crew” in 2020 so I knew of him but didn’t know much.  He’s doing SUCH AN AMAZING job as the Bachelor!  

My FAVORITES for Matt right now are…Abigail, Bri, Lauren, Mari, and Sarah.  Who do you like for Matt?  Do you have a FAVORITE or two?  I’ve watched with one eye open for the last few seasons but I can already tell this is gonna be a season I’m ALL IN!


It’s short and sweet today, friends but I want to wish you a very happy weekend!  Hope it’s a great one!

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  1. 1.15.21
    Abby @ That’s Life For Ya said:

    I love that pullover and those earrings! I also loved the necklace you were wearing in that picture! Aww, I’m so glad Britt loves her gifts! Those flip pictures made my day!

  2. 1.15.21
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    Lots of favorites!!! Happy Friday and weekend!

  3. 1.15.21
    Michele said:

    Hey Erica! Happy Friday! Because of YOU, I"m doing the bible recap. I love it. I've always been so hard on myself about doing a bible study and this one feels so right and so easy for me to do. I can do it all on my phone, or choose to read my actual bible that day. Thank you so much for introducing me to this. I feel like I can actually do this. 🙂

  4. 1.15.21
    Danielle @ A Sprinkle of Joy said:

    That bar looks amazing! I'm so glad she is loving it. Can you set your camera to take multiple shots? Whenever I try to get actions shots this is what I do. I count down from three then the my girls do what I need them to, and I hold down my shutter button.

    I used to love Duck Dynasty! I remember when the oldest daughter was on Dancing with the Stars. It was interesting to watch since she was still younger, plus wasn't interested in doing anything too sexy (which lets face it, is pretty much all Dancing with the Stars).

  5. 1.15.21
    Shelly @ The Queen in Between said:

    We so use to love watching Duck Dynasty!!

  6. 1.15.21
    Just Jess said:

    I am doing the Bible Recap as well. I am in a group on the YouVersion app. I have been listening to the daily readings on the app while following along in my She Reads Truth Bible.

    That pullover color is gorgeous.

  7. 1.15.21
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    That picture of Britt is amazing!!

  8. 1.15.21
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    We love Duck Dynasty here for sure! We laugh through every episode, and always love the family prayer at the end.

  9. 1.15.21
    Amy Heinl said:

    I am loving Matt James as the Batchelor. He is doing an amazing job and Nemocolin is about 2 hours from where I live so I am so glad this stunning resort is getting national attention and just how gorgeous Western PA is in the fall when the leaves are changing. Still to early for me to pick my favorite but uts definitely not the Queen…lol.

  10. 1.15.21
    Jan Fisher said:

    yes, I am loving the Bible Recap. My fav is the podcast after reading, to help understand and break down what you just read…and looking for your God Shot of the day. It's a manageable amount to read…. I have a hard time sticking to a study but I'm 15 days in and haven't missed a day yet! Highly recommend!

  11. 1.15.21
    Joanne said:

    We watched all the Duck Dynasty episodes a few years ago and we just LOVED them!

  12. 1.16.21
    Marybeth said:

    We love Duck Dynasty at our house too. Both my husband and I also listen to Phil, Jase, and Alan’s podcast called Unashamed. It’s awesome! My husband is not one to sit down and do a Bible study, but he listens to the podcasts in his truck while driving and he now quotes them when he does the call to worship at church.

    Thanks to a Target gift card from Christmas, your pink pullover is now on its way to my house : )

  13. 1.19.21
    Anonymous said:

    Britt is too cute!! And so strong. What app are you watching Duck Dynasty on??

  14. 1.19.21
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Thank you!! I’m not sure why but Amazon Prime has certain seasons available but not all.