The Bestie Breakdown & Talking Fantasy

Hey Hey Hey Tuesday! I hope you had a long restful weekend! 🙂 We have just SIX DAYS until Halloween so I feel like I’m trying to cram in as much spooky fun as possible before the clock strikes midnight and everything changes to Thanksgiving/Christmas. This week leading up to Halloween might be my favorite ever and the Texas weather is HERE FOR IT! We had a rainy day yesterday with some cool fall temps going on today.

Know what else is happening today?! Not only do we have a new episode of the Bestie Breakdown for you, but IT’S MY BESTIE’S BIRTHDAY!

This girl deserves some celebrating before we get down to business. Shay is THE BEST! She’s always down to celebrate others, she’s the BIGGEST prayer warrior, she’s like a second mama to those four kids of mine, she’s super thoughtful and has fed my people more than you can even imagine, she is always looking on the bright side, and she loves a personalized tee {which is always a good time!}.

She’s the yin to my bestie yang. And I’m so very thankful for this bestie of mine! Pictured above…us on a little adventure. Whether it’s her coming up with a crazy idea or me, Shay is quick to get behind something that’s gonna create fun memories. I think sometimes we all need a little more of that in our lives.

God knew exactly what he was doing when he introduced us all those years ago! I love you so much, Shay Shull! The Slaughter Six are wishing you lots of BIG BIRTHDAY LOVE today! We hope you have the very best day! If you see this girl today, be sure to wish her a Happy Birthday! I can’t WAIT to celebrate you!

The Bestie are BACK with episode four of The Bestie Breakdown. This week we breakdown Bravo! From housewives to Southern Charm to Below Deck we share our thoughts on all the drama that takes place in Andy Cohen’s little {or should I say} big network. We talk favorites, our All Star casts and answer some fun random reader questions! You can listen right here!

I also have a little Football talk for your Tuesday. :). Each week I like to highlight some fashion for certain teams and today those 49ers are in the spotlight. Check out how CUTE this gear is!

Statement Earrings | Charm Necklace | 49ers Jersey | Leather Moto Jacket with hood | Half Zip Pullover Hoodie | Niners Sweatshirt  | Spanx Moto Leggings | Red Sweater | AGOLDE Distressed Jeans | Nike Air Max Sneakers | Vintage Logo T-Shirt | SF Hat

That gear is so cute it has me wanting to go ALL IN on those Niners!

I’ve mentioned before that Bowen and I enrolled in a Mother/Son Fantasy Football League this year. We were complete rookies who had absolutely no idea what we were doing when the draft began, but we’ve learned some things along the way that I wanted to share. I’m no expert BUT after seven weeks of observations I do have some helpful hints. 🙂

  1. First of all, I highly recommend this for 9, 10, 11-year-old sports lovers. Bowen will read up on what’s happening each week, stay connected about who’s injured, etc.
  2. Mother/child activities are always a good thing. Am I right, Moms? Anything I can do that’s a special something with one-on-one time is good and this is just that.
  3. Our draft was online so if you’re contemplating starting something next year-don’t be overwhelmed. The mom organizer set up our league but then we all did the draft at our own homes because we were a little nervous about the wi-fi handling all of us. I’m not sure if we’ll have something at the end of the season but don’t let it sound too overwhelming because you can make the rules.
  4. On draft night, have some ideas of who you’re wanting to snag. Our draft was a snake draft and we were early in the line-up. That was AMAZING! But the negative was after we got our first round pick, we had to wait for everyone to essentially draft twice before it was our turn again. Our second pick options were WAY different than what we were expecting them to be. Next time we’ll be more prepared for that. I didn’t even realize what would happen before hand.
  5. If you have a favorite team, it’s easy to want to get several players from that team, but I don’t recommend it. We have two players from one team and this past week they were “off” so we had to put in players on our bench and our numbers really suffered.
  6. Don’t be concerned about it costing a lot of time each week. Bowen and I usually discuss Wednesdays or Thursdays about what we wanna do that week. That’s after we’ve both done a little research on our own. So, I’d say we work on it weekly about 15 minutes. If Bowen wasn’t helping me and I was solo {in case anyone’s considering a women’s team next year}, I’d say you’ll spend a little more time but it doesn’t have to be something that takes hours out of your week.
  7. If you want to gain a little football knowledge, GO FOR IT! Bowen and I have never known the names of more NFL players than we do this year! Your husband will be so impressed with your new skills after just a couple weeks of fantasy!

I think those are a quick list of all my tips so far! If you have some tips, PLEASE SHARE! I’d love to hear them! See you back here tomorrow!


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  1. 10.25.22
    Elspeth said:

    Love hearing all about your fantasy football this season! So fun!

  2. 10.25.22

    Friend, you’re going to make me cry AGAIN this morning! I love you (and your peeps!) so very much!! Thank you for being the yin to my yang…the calm to my chaos and the sweet to my salty 😉 .

  3. 11.4.22
    Sheaffer said:

    What a sweet tribute to our friend! Y’all really are the perfect pair, and I sure am lucky to get an up close seat to y’alls friendship. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHAY!