The Bestie Breakdown Episode 27: Breaking Down Holiday Gifting

The Besties are BACK with a new episode!  Shay and I had the most fun with this one.  In Episode 27, we’re breaking down holiday gifting.  To be honest-I got very inspired.  I left from recording and went straight home to get some Christmas gifts ordered!  You can listen to the entire episode right here on Anchor or as always on your favorite podcast platform.

I hope this episode puts you in the Christmas spirit!  It sure did for me.  I’m now ready to snuggle up at home with a cup of hot cocoa, watch a Christmas movie, and light a fire in the fireplace.  

Typically, we share all the show notes right there on each podcast platform but since we shared gifts we had way too many for that little space.  Instead we’re each going to be sharing our suggestions so you can easily find them in one space.  Be sure to check out Shay’s recommendations as well!


*A basket of their favorite things-I recommend asking for their Favorite Things List and if this isn’t a thing at your school, maybe you can start the tradition.  Our PTA asks all teachers to fill out a favorite things form so parents can request their faves throughout the year.  You can really make the price point vary by adding favorite drink, snacks, scents, magazine to favorite restaurant gift card, favorite shopping gift card, etc.


*Make-up Set, Lip Set, Mascara Must-Have Set.


*My suggestion is for locals but Craig’s Rolls were such a hit!  But really any food that is great to serve during the holidays.  Whatever that might be that’s good and personal to you.

Hostess Gift:

*Something fun and personalized for your hosts OR wine, candle, etc.



*Foam roller, vibrating foam roller, collapsible foam roller {for traveling}.



*Kiwi Crates-subscription service that allows you to choose age range, interest level, and number of months.  Something fun for every age!

*Outdoor fun items like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, sidewalk paint, wagon, and a cozy coupe.

*Serving cart with food.

*Diner food set.

*Monster Bass Fishing Subscription-once again, you choose the number of months you’re gifting and each month a gift full of items for your fishermen will arrive.

*Football apparel-this is where I get most of my boys’ items.

*Perfume Set

*Judith March Slippers

*Personalized Toiletry Bags



*Book of the Month Club

*Personalized Mug

*Basket full of handwritten memories

I hope these suggestions helped you a bit!  Happy, Happy Podcast Tuesday, Everyone!  We’re so glad to be back!


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  1. 12.7.21
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    You organized this so much better than I did!! I can't believe that's a wrap for 2021!! What a fun episode for us to end things on this year!

  2. 12.7.21
    Yolanda McLean said:

    I'm so glad to see the show notes in your blog. This is a much better way for me to access them!