Thanksgiving Festivities…

Boo & T-Nonnie came to town for Thanksgiving. We started out the fun by meeting Daddy after work at the mall for a yummy dinner at The Cheesecake Factory.

Then…it was off to ride the carousel. Boo looks like he’s not enjoying this, but he does!

T-Nonnie showed Ebby Lee how to play some games on the computer.

On Wednesday, Camden arrived! (With Uncle Jared & Aunt Kelly)

What were we to do? Go back to the mall, of course!…we did a little shopping.

We watched the ice skaters.

And…rode the carousel AGAIN!


The Slaughter Family

My 2 favorite guys…

Ebby Lee was enjoying a little pre-Thanksgiving meal goldfish snack.

Kiddie Table…Ebby Lee and CamdenNixon-Man

All snuggled up watching Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving.

Not Pictured: Our Black Friday shopping adventures…there was NO time for pictures. T-Nonnie & Tab babysat while everyone else shopped. Let’s just say that Santa MIGHT have gotten her little hands on a trampoline!! We had a blast!! Before heading out, I had almost talked myself out of going. Once I saw the crazy crowds, I was hooked and stayed out until 1:30!

The Huffman Family…after some much needed naps, we headed out to go to Hard Eights BBQ for dinner.

Somebody liked their mac & cheese! Can you tell?

Boo & the grandkids

After dinner, a stop at the Gaylord…

I think it’s so fun to look at all the Christmas decorations and the kids all wearing their Christmas clothes! Puts me in the Christmas mood for sure!

Girl Pic

Boy Pic…Nixon had SO many things to look at. He could NOT stop for a picture.

Ebby Lee beside a Gingerbread Man.

Ebby Lee and Camden checking out the wishing well.

I have no idea what everyone else was doing, but Nixon and I played peek-a-boo for a few minutes and I took the cutest pics of him.

Showing off those big teeth…ha!

Nixon was not a fan.

Checking out the trains.

Took this picture for 2 reasons…Nixon is growing up and getting so big! And…that kid in his pajamas? Thought he was pretty old to be wearing one-piece pajamas, but one-piece pajamas out in public? I felt bad for him! ha!

I took 5 of these. 5. And this was the best one!

There was a band playing and this girl was feeling the beat!

This cute little family will be adding Baby #2 this summer. So excited for them!! Can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy/girl!

We have so much to be thankful for. We had a fabulous week with our family. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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  1. 11.27.11
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Is it wrong that my favorite part about all of those pictures is how stinkin' cute your hair looks? Adorable! Secondly, your mama has some of the cutest grandkids in the world (second only to Lovie, of course :)). All 3 of those kids could be little Gap models!

  2. 11.27.11
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    OMG! I was about to comment on your hair too! SERIOUSLY good hair pics. And I can't believe you got 2 good pics of your little family! AND…I LOVED your shirt on Thanksgiving. Wow. Good post. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  3. 12.19.11
    rackersfamily said:

    i love your mom's shirt on thanksgiving… is it from Whitney? love it. and of course your kids look adorable… as always!