Teddy Bear Picnic Party & Thanksgiving Feast…

We celebrated Presley’s 2nd birthday at a “Teddy Bear Picnic Party”. Ms. Narci had everything decorated SO well. It was super cute. The kids were supposed to bring a favorite stuffed animal. She had each one brush their teeth, comb their hair, etc. Here’s Nixon brushing his puppy’s teeth.
Ebby Lee was brushing her puppy’s teeth. Let me just add that we are having some hair issues at our house. I usually put a little ponytail in to hold in her bows. Believe me with that small amount of hair, we NEED those bows. This week I noticed that Ebby Lee has little to NO hair where I put those ponytails!! YIKES! So…I’m trying to use more headbands and just bows until HOPEFULLY it grows back?? If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Anyway, the party was adorable…

They played a cute little game and dug for teddy bears in the picnic basket. Check out Miss Thing waiting her turn!

After brushing his puppy’s teeth, Nixon crawled in his stroller. I guess he thought he’d had enough girly stuff for the day! ha! Don’t worry when they brought out the food that boy was OUT of that stroller immediately.

Cute little picnic lunches…with friends Mason & Finn

And…a little lovin’ for the birthday girl. Sweet Miss Presley turned 2! Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Thursday was Ebby Lee’s Thanksgiving Feast at school. Tab would have gone to this, but he was out of town ALL week. So, I snuck over to Ebby Lee’s class for a few minutes.

Ebby Lee’s table…sweet friend, Aiden is to her left. I had told her that I was coming, so that I could prepare her for me not being able to stay the whole time and having to leave her there…Anyway, when I got there she was SO surprised and said, “Mama, is it my birthday?”. Ha ha!

They sang a cute little Pilgrim song and then feasted on pizza and grapes. Yum!

So thankful for this little turkey!!

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  1. 11.22.11
    Anonymous said:

    Don't you fret over her hair! It's precious! 🙂