Texas Allergies are Out to Get Me

This meme should say, “When the weather is still really hot but the pollen count is 1 million”. Guys, my allergies are trying to take me down. And I mean TAKE ME DOWN. So my post is gonna be extremely short and sweet. If you’re feeling the same way I’m feeling, you’ve gotta try a Medicine Ball from Starbucks. It’s also known as a Honey Citrus Mint Tea, but when I’m feeling any type of cold symptoms-especially a sore throat, it’s the best cure!

These are the players in the game. And they make the best little concoction when thrown all together. Trust me! I found this blog post years ago that tells you just how to make it {in case you live far away from a Starbucks}.

And I’ve also been using this sore throat spray which basically numbs my mouth for a bit. HIGHLY recommend. It tastes terrible, but for a few minutes I forget all about my sore throat.

Do you have any suggestions on the best allergy symptom remedies? I’d love ANY suggestions!


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  1. 9.21.22
    Elspeth said:

    Allergies are the worst! Feel better!

  2. 9.21.22
    Emilee said:

    I’m from Iowa and have a terrible time with allergies! The last two years I’ve visited my doctor for a steroid shot and it works wonders!

  3. 9.21.22
    S said:

    I use a blend of 20 drops each of peppermint, lavender and lemon essential oils, blended with a carrier oil of your choice. Mix up in a roller ball and apply to temples. Works well for me, hopefully it does for you too. Feel better!

  4. 9.21.22
    Stacy said:

    Nasal saline mist – the one that says mist Vicks makes a great one — just irrigate your nose like crazy for a couple days- spray continuous in one nostril while tilting your head the opposite way letting it run through your other nostril into the sink and you’ll feel so much better after a couple days of doing this twice a day

  5. 9.21.22
    Nancy said:

    DAILY Zyrtec and twice daily Flonase for me! If I miss a day, I’m feeling it. Also emailed you some closet tips last week. Hope that’s coming along well, so exciting!

  6. 9.21.22
    Kelly Sites said:

    My allergist says Flonase is the BEST. I used to get allergies so badly, I was miserable. But I do 2 squirts of Flonase (over the counter) in my nose and NO PROBLEM. It’s a miracle worker. When your allergies are super bad, you do 2 sprays in the a.m. and 2 sprays at night. Once under control, 2 sprays in a.m. I’m also a RN, so don’t fear my suggestion 🙂 hahah

  7. 9.21.22
    MH said:

    I find a combo of Flonase and an allergy pill daily help me….I took weekly allergy shots when I was little, so I think I’m better now bc of those shots….

  8. 9.21.22

    Take one Zyrtec every single day year around no matter how you feel. That’s a Dr. Riegel tip that works wonders! In the meantime, start but I would also say…take Benadryl.

    • 9.21.22
      Erika Slaughter said:

      I’m on Benadryl around the clock right now! I was trying to stay away from Zyrtec daily but I probably need to start.

  9. 9.21.22
    Sandra Roberts said:

    We use xyzal and it really helps!! I take it at night and usually feel better within a couple days.