Tennis Camp…

I am SO behind on blogging!!  That’s what happens when you move out of your house, move in with your in-laws, go on vacation for a week, come back and check on all the renovations that have been going on while you’re away, and then move in to the house to unpack all 5 of you!!!  It has been a CRAZY 4 weeks to say the least.  🙂  But…we’re ALMOST unpacked completely.  I have lots of pictures that I want to post BUT I want the “after” pics to be completely finished before I show you the “befores”.  🙂  So…I’ll post those in a couple weeks.  Now let me back up a couple weeks…
The week of June 17th, Shay and I signed our kiddos up for tennis camp at the gym.  What an adventure!  Ha!  This is the kiddos warming up.  Notice Ebby Lee, Nixon, and Smith all cutting the corners.  🙂 
 Bowen was their biggest fan.  We made a little awning so he’d be out of the sun.
 Working on some drills.
 Nixon’s turn.
 E’s turn.
 Then we had some pool time.  
 I don’t want to jinx anything, but this little guy has been the biggest trooper ALL summer long.
 Sister loves the water.

Day 2…they were so cute to watch!

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