Destin Day 1…

This year we left to go to Destin on Friday afternoon.  We stopped in Louisiana to spend the night and then got up on Saturday to drive the rest of the way.  The second day of driving was SO long just because of traffic.  EVERYONE arrives on Saturday!!  By the time we arrived on Saturday evening, we went to the grocery store, took Bowen to Urgent Care (ear infection), and ordered pizza.  Sunday morning we were ready for the beach…
 Nixon totally teased us for the first hour!  He did great.  He got in the water and played and splashed around.  They were both loving it!

 Bowen was enjoying himself too.  He was fabulous on the beach.
 This was our set up.  The tent was perfect.  Bowen hung out in that little pool for a long time.  By this point, Nix was starting to get freaked out about the sand.  He got on that mat and didn’t move.  🙂
 Girl Time!
 Tab turned her into a mermaid.
 We buried Tab and then she posed like this ALL by herself.  Too funny.
 Her turn.  Nix wanted NOTHING to do with being buried in the sand.
 We went in, got cleaned up for dinner, and met G and M at The Crab Trap.

 Take #1
 Take #2
 Take #3 🙂
G and M
It was the perfect first day of vacation!!

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