Swimming/Father’s Day/Strep Throat…

My crazy kiddos before we headed out to run some errands last week!!
She was trying to give him a smooch. He wasn’t feeling it!

Saturday night, we went to the Smith’s neighborhood pool to meet up with our dinner group to eat and swim. It was SO nice!! There was hardly anyone there. They have a big kiddie pool, so it was the perfect place to go when you have 6 kiddos 3 & under. Sweet Maggie in her bikini was ADORABLE!!

Olivia’s saying, “cheese”!

Nixon is CRAZY about the water. He needs a one-on-one lifeguard to save him every 3 seconds…for real!

There were some puppies on the other side of the fence and these three were hollering, “Doggies!!” Too cute!

The little guy wanted to join in on the action.

Happy Father’s Day to my kiddos favorite Daddy!! I had a great day planned for Tab and STREP THROAT hit me. So…poor Tab took care of the kids solo all day. He even stayed at home on Monday while I went to the doctor and was in bed ALL DAY!! We love you, Tab!! (He doesn’t read this so he’ll never know but we’re going to have a special Belated Father’s Day dinner tonight in his honor…now that I’m living again…it should be fun!!)

This is an example of why the Slaughters do NOT need a dog! I have Nixon around to make little messes like this everywhere he goes! ha!

This little princess (since we stayed at home all day yesterday) started working on potty training. So far, it’s going pretty well. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed!! We even ventured out to run some errands today. She did not have any accidents, but we did set in the car and wait for her to potty in her potty chair for approximately 30 minutes!!!

Sweet M saved the day a couple times already this week. Tab had a football bbq on Monday night and she babysat. Then last night she brought us this adorable chicken pot pie. Don’t think the kiddos appreciated her work as much as they should have. But…I was impressed!

Don’t pay attention to all the junk in the back of my car. This is us in the CVS parking lot waiting for Miss Priss to potty!! ha! I bet everyone that saw us chuckled.

He was ready for his sister to get it together so we could go!!

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