Pool Time…

Nixon-Man in his RIDICULOUS floatation wetsuit!! I know he’s going to HATE me for that one day, but with him…it’s seriously life/death. He is really moody about the water. Sometimes he could care less. Other times he walks right out into the water even if no one is in the pool with him! On Thursday we went to a public pool in Plano for smaller kids. The deepest it probably gets is 2 ft? But…when he’s having a “crazy” day in the water, he can go under and stay under until someone grabs him! I’m telling you…he can be CRAZY!! I was FORCED to get him this wetsuit. He hates floaties/life jackets/anything bulky. This was the least bulky of saving devices…so that is what he got! He actually had a really calm day (I’m talking only went under about 5 times?). I kind of felt bad for him having to walk around in it, but he was safe when we left. That’s what mattered!!
We met the Wrights at the pool and had a great time playing with them. Ebby Lee seriously wanted her lunch at 10:15 a.m.!!

Baby Carson was a champ! He laid in his carrier and WITHOUT crying…drifted off to sleep. I was impressed!

Today…we followed Andrea, Luke, & Mason to the country club pool. he he! This pool is SO nice. It’s gated…so they can’t get to the “big pool”. It’s only 2 ft. It’s mostly shaded…and the list goes on!! I love it there! Thank you Andrea & Luke for letting us join you…AGAIN!

Ebby Lee is all about whatever snacks Carter’s mama packs him. I need to start talking to Ms. Sheaffer about what she’s packing!

Surfer Nixon

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  1. 6.28.11
    Whitney said:

    Oh my gosh Erika…I am cracking up at Nixon's "superman/hulk" wetsuit. HAHA! That is so funny, I really want to see him swim sometime! =) Maybe next summer on our Branson vaca?? Let's discuss this!