Sparky Returns and 1 week!!

 Last year I went ALL out on our breakfast with our Elf on the Shelf.  This year…not so much!  The kiddos didn’t care OR notice.  They were so excited when they woke up!  Sparky, the elf, was BACK!  I put Christmas pj’s on ALL kids for the photo op the next morning and of course…Nixon somehow soaked his Christmas shirt!  So…Nix was shirtless!
 LOVE Ebby Lee’s face!  She had just noticed that Sparky brought them toys!  ha!
 Loved his breakfast of donuts, marshmallows, and chocolate milk.  This guy skipped the strawberries.
 Bowen (already been changed out of his Christmas pj’s) joined the party for a while.  Then the big kids went to school for the day.  I’m sure their teachers LOVED that I sugared them up and then sent them off!
 I CANNOT get this picture to flip!!  So…T-Nonnie, Bowen, and I celebrated his 1 week birthday with a trip to the mall!  We did some shopping for ME!  And…a little Christmas shopping too.
 We had lunch and this guy slept through the whole thing.  So good!!
 After school, Nixon was ready to see Bowen.
And..Ebby Lee has been working hard on making gifts for people!  She worked ALL afternoon (I’m not kidding) on making a gift with wrapping paper for Baby Brynn for Christmas!  So sweet!  Bless her heart!  She knows there should be Christmas presents under the tree.  Mama had wrapped NOTHING at this point.  (I have since then!)  So…anyway, Ebby Lee went around the house finding bags and placed those all under the tree!  So funny!!

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