Snow, More Presents, and a Double Date…

The day after Christmas we woke up to this!!  SNOW!!  I was SO happy it snowed.  I kept seeing on facebook and texts from friends that it was snowing in Texas, so I desperately wanted us to have some in Missouri too!!  Ebby Lee, T-Nonnie, and Tab went out to play in the snow.  My mom owes me forever for not posting those pictures of her in all her snow garb on here.  🙂  Nixon wasn’t interested.  Maybe he thought it would be like sand on the beach?  Remember…that was a disaster!!  He chose to stay warm and I was SO glad he did!!  I had not packed snow clothes for us so we improvised a little bit!  She was wearing Nixon’s coat, bags around her cute boots, and tights under her pants.  It totally worked though and she played outside for a total of 8 minutes!

Around noon my brother’s family came over to have lunch and have our family Christmas.  Nixon got some books!  He was holding them up so I could take a picture.
Secret of the Wings…yeah!  The only picture I have of Ebby Lee opening presents.
Nixon is such a big helper!  Check him out holding Baby Paxton.
Bowen took his first nap on his tummy.  He was directly in the middle of all the action.  I don’t know what I was thinking laying him in the middle of the chaos, but he did great.  After all our final “Christmas”, Tab and I drove to Cape to meet Whitney and Ryan (some of our faves) for our annual double date.  Thanks to T-Nonnie and Boo for babysitting!
We met them for dinner and a movie.  It was the perfect end to our Christmas vacation in Missouri!

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