Rose Bowl Trip-Part 2

Our house is TIRED.  I’m not gonna lie.  This short week is kicking our tail.  I think it has a lot to do with the fact my kids were on break time…meaning they were going to bed late and sleeping in plus while on vacation we were doing all that two hours later than our central time bodies are used to.  We’re slowly making our way back to the real world over here.  

If you missed my post on Tuesday, I shared all about our Rose Bowl Trip Part One.  

Today, I’m sharing Day Two.  Please be warned I’ve tried to split the pictures up into way less but you actually might still be reading about this trip in late February.  
Day two brought more sunny skies!  Our mission for the morning was to have our own little Hollywood tour.  I’d checked into us hopping on a celebrity home type tour and Tab and I actually did several years ago.  I know they’re fun, but I didn’t know how much fun my kids would think they were if we were driving by houses of people they’d never even heard of.  Instead of that, we downloaded our own Beverly Hills hot spots type map.  I used this one.  This way I was super picky with only visiting places I knew they’d be interested in so it kept their attention much longer.  We had rented an SUV for the week anyway, so this was perfect!

Now, I’m not sure these houses are exactly where the celebrities still live.  Some may have lived here years ago but either way this was a much better way to tour with four kids.

We began our tour at The Beverly Hills Hotel.

The bellman at the hotel could not have been nicer and encouraged us to get out and take some pictures.  As long as we kept the picture taking to OUTSIDE the lobby.  My sweater is 40% off right now!  My girlfriend, Jeni, told me to on the booties and I’m so glad I did.  This particular day happened to be the College Football Playoff game between LSU/OU.  My boys were THERE for it.

This hotel was absolutely gorgeous!

Our first home was Justin Bieber’s house, which at first glance I wasn’t too sure about.  Many of these are behind gates, have long driveways, and this was so accessible from the street but right to the left of this picture was a security car with a guard inside.  I’m thinking most average citizens don’t need a security guard outside their house.  Right?

Floyd Mayweather’s house…Nixon knew of this boxer’s name so he was all on board to spy his house.

Aren’t the streets in Beverly Hills simply stunning?

Ebby Lee’s favorite spot of the day, Taylor Swift’s house.  Her house had a winding road that led to just a couple other driveways.  Super tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Beverly Hills.  I voted her house as the place I’d like to live.

Known as the “mean judge” on American Idol, my kids all knew Simon Cowell and his house safe with two gates was a beauty.

Alex Rodriguez had a very modern home.  I’m wondering if Jennifer Lopez will invite him to move into her place?  

I think if I gave you three guesses of which Hollywood actor’s gate this was you’d get it.  Who does this landscaping and gate remind you of? 

What’s your guess?




Johnny Depp!!!!

I feel like the persona he’s created through his roles totally goes with this landscaping vibe.

If you were following along the day we toured, I shared this one on social media.  Lady Gaga’s house is super cute!

We took a couple pit stops to take in the scenery.

Those VIEWS!

Jack Nicholson resides behind the gates and based on the hills and views surrounding the area I bet his views are killer!

This cute drive with that darling lantern belongs to Sandra Bullock.

We hit a few more and I counted fifteen total we drove by on our little tour.  Once the back seats got antsy, we called it a day and moved on to Rodeo Drive.

Rodeo Drive was as stunning as ever all decorated for Christmas.

Sisters on Rodeo!

Right around this time Nixon was reminding me the number of minutes we had to sight see until kickoff for the game.

Do you recognize this hotel?

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere ring a bell?

The weather was amazing and gorgeous decor made for the perfect little stroll.

Unless you were Britt, then your legs got tired.

The boys and I had made a little agreement-that we’d be back in time for the game.  Once we arrived, I walked to the nearest burger spot and grabbed us all lunch.  We ate, watched the game, and relaxed that afternoon.  Britty fell asleep so I kept relaxing while Tab took the big kids to the indoor pool.

For dinner that evening, we made our way to Rock’N Fish at L.A. Live, which was a quick walk from our hotel.  If you can’t tell from the picture, Britty was a FAN of her spaghetti.

And then we crashed.

Day Two was just as great as day one.  This vacation was off to a great start.

Remember-if you have specific questions, e-mail me and I’ll be sure to include them in my Q and A vacation post.


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  1. 1.9.20
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    SO MUCH FUN! Loved the pics of the fam, but also loved seeing the celebrity houses!

  2. 1.9.20
    Elaine Welte said:

    Looks like so much fun!!! Love all of the celebrity houses!

  3. 1.9.20
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I could have looked at those celebrity houses ALL DAY LONG! I was so fascinated by that! Please go back and take more pics for me 😉 .

  4. 1.9.20
    Anonymous said:

    How fun!!!! I am loving your trip recaps! Can’t wait to see what else happened!

  5. 1.9.20
    Kristen said:

    Loved reading your post!

  6. 1.9.20
    Kristen said:

    Loved reading your post!

  7. 1.9.20
    Kara said:

    These posts keep getting better and better. It makes me want to book a trip today for next year.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. 1.9.20
    Unknown said:

    LOVE seeing Bowen in all that LSU gear! I'm sure he had a great time watching that game with his brother 😉

  9. 1.9.20
    Kate L. said:

    Britty and Nixon's sweet bond–BE STILL MY HEART. Loved that pic of him carrying her around.

  10. 1.9.20
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    So much fun!! Dani and I did a celebrity homes tour a few years ago when we were there and had signed up as "bus tour" but no one else signed up! So we ended up in a town car with just our guide and got to experience a private one. So fun! I remember seeing some of the houses and being like "but I could just walk up to their door and knock…".
    That Inspired Chick

  11. 1.11.20
    C said:

    My friend had quite a surprising experience when she was driving one of the star’s home tour. It was years ago, after the OJ Simpson trial business was over, when she was in LA and wanted to get a picture of OJ’s house. Her husband let her out in front of the house, but couldn’t park. He was going to drive up and turn around and pick her up. Then she’d have enough time to take her pictures. She was standing on the sidewalk trying to take a picture of herself holding a paper cut out of our school’ mascot, a green roadrunner ( you know how teacher’s are ;), when OJ popped his head over the fence. She gives a long rambling explanation of the roadrunner and vacation shots for her elementary school, etc. He says, “would you like to take a picture of me and the roadrunner?” She was only able to nod in shock. By that time her husband has pulled up to the curb to see his wife standing there with OJ Simpson. He got out and took the picture that was soon put in the center of our back to school bulletin board in the teacher’s lounge showcasing the summer adventures of our roadrunner mascot.

  12. 2.12.20
    Joanne said:

    Rodeo drive and the Beverly Hills hotel sound like my kid of stops!