Redneck Father’s Day…

Happy Father’s Day to Daddy! It’s so fun to see Tab in the role of Dad…he’s awesome! Every evening when he comes home, he and Ebby Lee have tons of fun together. He plays with her, reads her books, does bath time and puts her to bed. He’s a great Daddy!

Poor Tab was SO sick the day before Father’s Day that he was still recovering on the big day. Ebby Lee surprised him with an electric griddle, which is what he’d been wanting for a while. We went to eat Chinese food for lunch-Tab’s pick. Then we went over to M and G’s to hang out with the family. It was a Redneck Father’s Day, b/c all the kiddos were missing clothes.

G, Garrett, Ebby Lee, and Lance

Justin with his boys

Lance entertaining Ebby Lee. She did have pants on at some point!

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