Red, White, and Blue…

Grandpa, Ebby Lee, and Grandma

To celebrate the 4th of July, all of my mom’s family came to her house. We were planning on swimming, eating, and hanging out…BUT…it rained so we skipped the swimming plans. We had a yummy meal of fried catfish (Way to go, Bruce).

Ebby Lee showing off in her Bumbo. Where is this girl’s bow?

Ebby Lee, Ryan, and Whitney…we tried to make a deal with them to come visit us again next year on the 4th. Hopefully that will work out. We have lots of fun hanging out with Ryan and Whitney!

Mama and Ebby Lee…there’s the bow!

4 Generations of Hency girls

An up close 4 generation pic

Lindsey’s second attempt at a diaper change. Good job, Linz!

The boys went swimming in the evening when the rain was completely gone. Ebby Lee fell asleep like this. It was so nice outside. She got super relaxed and was out! It was a great way to celebrate the Fourth!

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