After a long morning of playing, Ebby Lee decided to fall asleep…in the exersaucer. For those of you that know her, this is NOT normal. She likes to put up a fight before she dozes off. I was so surprised. I had to take a picture!
Sweet sweet clean baby!!

She was being silly in Daddy’s hat.

Ebby Lee had a rough week! She started running a low temperature (her first one EVER) on Tuesday night. She still had it Wednesday morning so I gave her Tylenol every 4 hours on Wednesday and in the afternoon it started going up. Probably b/c it was my first fever to ever deal with…I called the doctor and we went in. They ran every test imaginable and sent us home to go back on Thursday. Luckily, everything was coming back negative…but they kept doing tests because everything was coming back negative. This was Ebby Lee when we got home on Thursday. She’d had her finger pricked, one attempt at getting her blood drawn, one arm that actually got blood drawn, and antibiotic shots in both thighs. We had to go back for two more shots on Friday morning. She is now doing SO much better. We’ve been fever free for over 48 hours!

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