Questions Answered-Part 5

Back in the fall, I got all fancy on Instagram Stories and asked for your questions.  I’m still working on answering each and every one.  

In case you’ve missed them, you can see them all here…

*How did you get started blogging?*
I answered this one back in Part 3, but it was hands-down the most asked question I got.  🙂  Just want to make sure you guys see the answer.

*Favorite Perfume?*
Okay, you know how after using the same perfume for months and months you can’t even smell it on your body anymore?  I’m not a fan of that!  A while back I fell in love with Jo Malone’s fragrances and I started buying the cologne collections.  I use a bottle at a time and never get so used to it that I can’t smell it anymore.  I also ALWAYS select perfumes when Nordstrom offers me the sample choices.  #always

I realize that might make me sound crazy but it’s the truth.  🙂

*Where do I find good friends like yours?*
Wanna know the second most asked question???  Any GIRLFRIEND QUESTION 🙂

I hope you can tell through seeing a little bit of my life on this space that I’m a girl’s girl through and through…if I’m your people-I’m cheering for you, proud of you, and am down for celebrating your successes at ANY MOMENT!  None of that drama from this girl!  

I shared how I got to know my blogger/real life friends back in this post.

Since that post, a few new real-life friends have joined the blogging world…

Amanda at That Inspired Chick
Amanda and I started teaching preschool the same year.  We were total rookies together.  {Narci was as well.}  I remember being paired together in a couple training sessions and thinking she was so sweet.  Over time, we’ve gotten to know each other better and have become good friends.  We have boys the same age…so we’ve also gotten to be baseball moms cheering for the same team {which was FUN!}.  And she happens to be the brains and beauty behind this cute cup I keep sharing….

 Brooke at Embrace and Grace
Brooke and I met at church, but years later happened to be walking through the adoption process at the same time.  That quickly started a fast friendship where we talked all things adoption.  Brooke was a researcher and would tell me everything I needed to do {thank you, brooke!}.  We got to know each other outside of those adoption walks and are now good friends.  It’s been such a joy to witness her and Tyler add Willow to their family.  And I’m so blessed by her friendship.  Brooke blogs but spends most of her focus on videos {you can see those here}.  

Jeni at Style Duplicated
Okay, apparently I should tell you to start a bible study if you want to find some great girlfriends, because Jeni and I met in THAT SAME bible study where I got to know many other girlfriends.  Jeni is super sweet and is proof that blended families can work when you put God and your childrens’ needs first.  I’m telling you…the way Jeni has handled divorce, step-parents, and all that goes along with that has been such a ministry to me.  She doesn’t even realize how easy she makes it look {and we know that’s not easy}, but she’s handled it all with such grace.  And her and her bestie, Paige, now blog fashion, beauty, and everything in between.  They like to keep it real and are FUN to read!

*How do you handle time alone with hubby with a busy schedule?*
We schedule date nights whether it be just the two of us or with friends.  We get it on the calendar!  I’m gonna be honest…I get these on the calendar.  🙂  Tab’s a much more fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants kind of guy when it comes to anything outside of work so I make sure to plan date nights.  We didn’t do these as much when our kiddos were little and when we did do them, we often times switched child care with friends to save money.  Shay and Andrew would watch our kids while we went out on a date and then we’d flip flop and watch their kiddos.

*How do you balance marriage, kids, work, etc?*
I’m not perfect….no one is.  So, I do my best to balance things but often times it means I have a room full of clean laundry just waiting to be put away or three closets that are busting at the seams just waiting to be organized.  I know what my priorities are and at the moment…laundry isn’t at the top so my family, work, my marriage all of those come before putting away the laundry.

*I remember in one of your Amazon posts you bought face razors.  Do they work?*
Yes, I think my very first Amazon Prime post I shared that little secret about shaving my face.  I’ve used ALL different kinds of razors from Amazon.  The last set I ordered were these.  They take off all that dead skin and any little hairs you might have leaving your face so smooth.  My make-up goes on SO well!  I must tell you though-on our Nashville trip, I thought, “Hmm…I should have brought one of those razors”, so I used Tab’s instead and had a MAJOR BREAKOUT!  I highly recommend these little razors only.  🙂

*What advice would you give to your college self?*
The majority of my life I’ve taken things a bit too seriously.  I’d tell my college self to RELAX and enjoy yourself more!  In college, I didn’t like to miss sleep {I still don’t-the newborn baby stage almost killed me}, but it wouldn’t hurt my nineteen-year-old self to miss a few hours every once in a while.  🙂

*What’s the best thing you packed for your China trip?*
FOOD!  I packed lots of protein bars {like I couldn’t look at the same brand of protein bars for MONTHS after our trip}, peanut butter/crackers, and other snacks.  There were stores all over-if you forgot something, there were lots of places to grab it.

*Where are you from?*
Zalma, Missouri….a teeny, tiny town in Southeast Missouri.

*Where’d you and Tab meet?*
We both attended Arkansas State University and actually met through a mutual friend my sophomore year {as friends}.  But then we bumped into each other again my senior year and the rest is history…

*Mom hacks for multiple kids under the age of four?*
The best thing I did as a mom with lots of littles was NAP TIME!  It was all the same for everyone and it allowed me to have two quiet hours alone everyday.  I could get housework done, blog, or NAP.  Those quiet hours were good for my soul.  When Ebby Lee and Nixon were 3 and 2, baby Bowen came along and I made sure he napped at the same time they did so I’d get those quiet minutes.  I highly recommend a nap or quiet time for everyone at the same time!  Those two hours will be so good for you, Mamas!!

*Do you have any stellar potty training tips?*
As I type my response to this question, this girl is in panties for the second day in a row.  To be honest…the answer is NO.  I have no tips…I say go with your gut and do what works best for you!  Right now, I’m giving Britt lots to drink so she’s using the potty more frequently and hopefully it “clicks” sooner rather than later!  And I’m bribing rewarding her with treats every time she goes potty.

Hope you guys have the BEST Tuesday!

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  1. 1.22.19
    Joanne said:

    Treats always worked for my boys too!

  2. 1.22.19
    Anonymous said:

    I love a good q and a post! It is so fun to hear your answers! Great job, girl!

  3. 1.22.19
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    I would tell myself to RELAX too! I would say, "Hey, NO ONE CARES if you get all A's. Put down the books and GO OUT!!!"

  4. 1.22.19
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    You MOST CERTAINLY are a girls girl!! You are such a fantastic friend who truly does love her girlfriends HARD!

  5. 1.22.19
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    Awww thanks, friend!! We need to make a point to snap a pic together soon!! xoxo
    That Inspired Chick

  6. 1.23.19
    brookerichardson said:

    What a fun post!!! Love you friend!!!

  7. 1.23.19
    Beth said:

    I love reading your blog and love it more that you went to ASU!!! I graduated in 1998 and so excited that they have so much going on now!