Questions Answered-3.2.21

 I asked for some questions via Insta Stories over the weekend and Round One is happening now!  If I didn’t get to your question, be looking for it in the weeks to come.  Thanks for sending these in!

This was super sweet of you to ask.  Like everything in the year 2020, this past year wasn’t a typical NFL season for a NFL official.  He missed out on in-person trainings, training camp, preseason games and more.  And we missed out on attending a game or two, but overall he had a great first season.  He was mostly with the same crew mates every week and they really couldn’t have made his first game any more special considering the year.  What stuck out to me the most is both players and coaches alike who’d worked with Tab in the Big 12 conference or just other college games throughout the years would congratulate him on making it to the NFL when they spotted him.  After working with the same college teams year after year and kind of building a repertoire with players, when they recognized him and were shocked to see him in the NFL but followed it up with big congratulations, I thought it was super cool.  It kind of reminded us we’re all in this together. 


I’d have guacamole, queso, salsa, tacos, fajitas, and basically ALL THE THINGS!  I remember as a kid when it was my birthday getting to choose where we went to lunch or dinner and I always chose Taco Bell.  My love of a taco runs deep.

Balance!  Not only does working from home make it hard to not take a break to fold some laundry, get dinner started, or clean out the dishwasher but it also makes it tricky when one of my kids’ classrooms is looking for volunteers.  Yes, I have flexible hours and can work early and late to make up a mid-day break but then the cost is I lose sleep.  I’m working on having stricter daytime hours while my kids are in school.  It’s a work in progress for me.

I WISH!  We had big plans for 2021 to be our year of a big house project but after 2020 decided we should push it out a bit.  So right now-no!  Maybe we’ll tackle our next big project in 2022?  Fingers crossed!

I have NO CLUE how to do this.  Maybe this is something Google can teach me how to do and then I can make it happen?  I’ll keep you posted.  😉

My high school was super super small and when I say that I mean my graduating class had TWELVE people.  Tab’s high school was much bigger. He graduated with around two hundred twenty kids so they had many more clubs, activities, sports options.  If you asked me though, I’d say there are pros/cons to both.

I had all kinds of jobs…when I was 14 one of my besties needed a helper to clean the offices at a Missouri Conservation Department.  We cleaned the outdoor bathrooms {GAG!} and the inside offices.  Then when I was old enough to drive, I became a waitress at a local catfish restaurant, Fisherman’s Net, located about forty minutes from my house at Lake Wappapello.  The manager was amazing and really worked around all our sports and activities so I was able to do this throughout high school and on super busy weekends I even went back a couple times during college to make some money.  Once I decided early childhood education was the route I was going, I got lots of experience working at several childcare centers at different stages of my life.  And one summer a girlfriend and I {after watching both Maid in Manhattan and Blue Crush} decided to apply at the local Hampton Inn.  We both were hired as housekeepers and to this day I still have stories I’ll remember forever.  When Tab and I got married, I finished up my last semester of student teaching by following it up as a substitute for one semester before getting hired as a third grade teacher.
For Tab, he had mostly manual labor type jobs growing up.  He mowed yards and worked for an irrigation company throughout high school.  In college, he worked for a youth sports program which provided summer camps to low income, at-risk children.  With a sports management major and a business minor, he got offered a commercial insurance job right out of college and we jumped at the chance to move to “the big city”.  And the rest is history.  😉

I need to give them even more to do!  Right now they’re responsible for putting away their laundry, keeping their rooms and bathrooms picked up, and dishes after dinner {which can include emptying the dishwasher and reloading or just loading when they’re lucky}.  Those are the things we’re constantly reminding them that are their jobs.  Do they do this without direction and guidance?  Absolutely not!  But we’re working on it!  A work in progress-for sure!  There are other times I ask them to do something else and often times consequences involve extra chores.  With four kids and after many attempts I realized a chore chart was too much to keep up with for me.  

During the week, my kids are allowed to watch television after dinner.  Sometimes that gives us time to watch part of a movie if it’s a really chill night and other times they don’t even have time to watch a small show.  Other than that during the week, the television is off.  I might make an exception on a super rainy day when they’re stuck inside but that’s rare.  They’re allowed to play on their I-Pads on the weekends and if we feel like they’ve been on them too much, we put them up. We don’t have video games at our house so we just have television and I-Pads to deal with.  For the most part this isn’t something we have to fight.  G and M have a video game at their house {I don’t even know which one} so it makes it extra special when they go over there to get to play that.

Thanks again for sending over your questions!  I have another round scheduled in the next few weeks.  Happy, Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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  1. 3.2.21
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    I love Q and A posts! Thanks for sharing!

  2. 3.2.21
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Fun post! I love when I learn new things about my friends!

  3. 3.2.21
    Aja said:

    Oh my goodness! I graduated with over 600 people so to me a class of 200 seems small. Forget 12! LOL!

  4. 3.2.21
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I love that neither one of us knows how to use Spotify. This really sums up why we aren't consistently podcasting too. Haha!

  5. 3.2.21
    Kristen Cochran said:

    I love that you were a teacher! Did you like it? Do you ever miss it?

  6. 3.2.21
    Joanne said:

    12?! Wow, I thought I had a small graduating class!

  7. 3.4.21
    Deena said:

    You're the first person I've come across that had a smaller graduating class than me! Mine was 23.

    I started my kids washing their own clothes as teens to prepare for college. It didn't mean I didn't get a call from one of them on how to do pay laundry, though.