One Top, Three Ways

Our Texas weather has been all kinds of crazy lately.  From snow to hail to warm, sunny skies we’ve been experiencing it all which can make getting dressed for the day a bit tricky.

Enter me perusing the clothing department of Target just hunting for a treasure.  And voila!  I found this darling top!  The PERFECT top for spring days.  It’s a light flowy top with a fun, floral fabric of mustards and purples.  I added to my shopping cart immediately and have already worn it twice.
Isn’t that top CUTE?  I front-tucked mine to give it a little more shape paired with my skinny jeans.  On this particular day, I “warmed it up” by adding skinny jeans and my hiking boots.

I think you can tell a bit by this picture-it does have a fun sleeve with fitted smocking around the wrists.  I’m wearing my true to size, small and will not dry it for fear it’ll shrink up in the length.  If you’re in between, I’d size up.

It also comes in a really muted purple that has big Madewell vibes.  I wrote this post yesterday {on Tuesday} and I dropped something off at my neighbor’s who was wearing the purple version!  SO CUTE!

Please note that cutie in the back-ha!  I told him to smile or he’d be in the picture completely expecting him to jump out of the frame but he surprised me by smiling.  #jokewasonmom  For church on Sunday, I added the top to my dark washed flare jeans {SUPER OLD} and booties.

Didn’t realize my booties weren’t in the picture.  They’re sold out anyway, but were a dark brown that gave this outfit a more winter look.  Can you tell it’s hard for me to get a second alone when all four are home?  Moms, you feel me?  

This hasn’t happened quite yet, but I’m expecting a warm, sunny day anytime now March.  When it does happen, this is a great option….same top, Target shorts-I wouldn’t typically pair this wash {comes in other colors} with the top but my regular denim were in the washing machine.  They fit very similarly, this pair above is a high-rise and my favorites from last year are midi-rise.  I bought my same size in both.  All are under $18! 
Distressed Denim-My favorites from last summer.  Ended the summer with two pairs because I wore them so much.  They’re a relaxed fit and are very true to size. 

High-Rise Light Acid Wash {in other colors as well}-But I really liked this colorway paired with white.  These are a bit of a thicker material so many reviews suggested sizing up.  

High-Rise Midi Orange Shorts-A FUN colorway for spring, summer days.  They fit very similarly to the pair in the picture above.

Can we talk about those sandals?  I absolutely LOVE them!  I slipped mine on to drop something off at a neighbor’s and she was like, “WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE?!”.  They’re really cute in person.  I ordered my typical size and they fit great but the top straps are a little snug.  I think they’ll loosen up over time.

And there you have it, one top-three different ways ready for no matter what these Texas skies throw at us this month.  Happy Wednesday, Friends!

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  1. 3.3.21
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    I loved versatile tops!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. 3.3.21
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    That top is DARLING!!!!!

  3. 3.3.21
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    That top is so adorable especially with the shorts!!!

  4. 7.6.22
    Amanda said:

    Looking very pretty in these tops. I love these tops. Thanks for sharing with us.