Playgroup on Friday…

On Friday our playgroup met at Willow Bend Mall to play at the play area and eat lunch. Isn’t she getting so big?
She’s practicing her “cheese”.

Both of the kiddos packed up and ready to go. Tab was out of town the night before, so I was very proud of myself for getting us all up, ready, and at the mall by 10:30! I should add that I had to get up with Nixon 5 times the night before…now it’s more impressive, right? ha!

Luke enjoyed Nixon’s carrier WAY more than Nixon did. Linli and Aiden were there to play too. Ebby Lee was in a funk mood when we got there and she chose not to play. She just sat beside me on the bench the entire time!

When we got home, Nixon got to play on his play mat. He’s starting to enjoy this toy a LOT more.

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