All About the Mr…

Love this face! Mr. Man is getting so big! He loves to be held and is such a sweet baby when you’re holding him. He’ll smile at you all day long! But…when you put him down, it’s another story! He is a bit on the high maintenance side….just a BIT! ha! Still not sleeping through the night…but we’re working on it!
Nixon’s room is football themed. M painted some canvases for above his crib. I love how they turned out. I found them online and she made them look exactly like the pictures!

This picture didn’t turn out well b/c of the flash, but I like this vintage looking tin sign. His room isn’t super over the top, but I think it’s a room that will be able to transition to a todder/big boy room easily. We still have some small things that we want to add, but I’m loving it. I wanted it to be vintage football. Everything in the room isn’t vintage, but I think it turned out great!

Hope you enjoyed my room!
This is Nixon in a 0-3 month outfit. He’s busting out of it! He can still wear a COUPLE 0-3 things, but mostly he’s in 3-6. He’s my big boy!

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  1. 7.10.10
    icenhower-family said:

    CUTE room…and adorable Mr. Man!!!

  2. 7.10.10
    amber leann said:

    Oh my! He sounds JUST like Miss Priss! LOVE his room! Super good job!

  3. 7.10.10
    Momma Jac said:

    I LOVE Nixon's room- of course I am partial to football themed rooms though (Caleb and Cannon Ty both have them). He is getting sooo big and he I just want to squeeze him!! So sweet!!!

  4. 7.11.10
    The Genella Family said:

    Love his room!! I laughed out loud when you described Nixon as high maintenance!! That is EXACTLY how my Jack is and we call him high maintenance too!! He loves to be held and at 9 months and 20+ pounds it is getting harder and harder to do!! 🙂 Nixon and Ebby Lee are precious!! Love keeping up with your family on your blog!! So sweet!!

  5. 7.11.10
    rackersfamily said:

    yeah! i finally get to see little man's room. and i got all caught up on your summer! looks like you guys are having fun and i can't believe how great you look… really, yes, I can… you are a natural mom of two! 🙂