Perfection + Winter

Happy Thursday, Ladies!!

I’ve seen this super cute outfit on Pinterest lots of times.  You’re going to have to bear with me and use your imagination.  I couldn’t find the original source and didn’t want to post without it.  So…imagine a gingham check button-up shirt, a fur vest, an infinity scarf, good pair of jeans, booties, and cute earrings.  I’m 99% sure you guys have seen the cute image.  The girl might even be holding a Starbucks cup.  She looks darling AND cozy.

Here’s me trying to recreate the look…(props to my boy, Nixon, for the photos)

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  This makes me laugh.  I told him to get my hair and my shoes.  He did the best he could.

Attempt #2  🙂 

So I took it back to the bathroom.

Are you guys remembering that picture now??

Imagine a girl walking down a street though….take out my background.  #nofashionbloggertakespicturesinabathroom

Okay, so my pictures are kind of horrible, but hopefully you get the idea.  This combo seems to be perfection and winter all wrapped up into a cute little outfit.  I did the dirty work for you guys!  I scrounged up four options for everything you’ll need to make this outfit.  A big majority of the goodies I found are on sale now!!  WAHOO!

Fur Vest Option #1/Fur Vest Option #2/Fur Vest Option #3/Fur Vest Option #4
I love a fur vest….any color, any shape, any style.  They’re ALL my jam.  I have a couple that were more on the pricey side, but if you’re new to a fur vest I wouldn’t invest a lot in one.  They’re a big statement, so I feel like I can’t wear them too often.  All of these options are pretty inexpensive. 🙂

Buffalo Check #1/Buffalo Check #2/Gingham #1/Gingham #2
I have the Gingham #1 option and wear it all the time!  It’s my go-to under a fur vest or a puffer.

Turquoise Earrings/Fuschia Earrings/Teal Earrings/Navy Earrings
A pop of color with the earrings are just fun.  Those new navy Kendra Scott earrings are speaking to me.  Do you hear them too?  🙂

Scarf #1/Scarf #2/Scarf #3/Scarf #4
I’m drawn to plaid scarves, floral scarves, or any scarf with a pattern, BUT the ones I reach for the most are the simple neutral scarves that match everything.  These are all great options for a neutral infinity scarf.

AG Jeans/Halogen Jeans (under $50)/Vigoss Jeans (under $40)/Paige Jeans (under $100)
I found a variety of prices so we’d have some options.  All three of the jeans on sale are GREAT deals!  A new pair of shoes OR a new pair of jeans can turn my day around.

Leopard Bootie #1/Leopard Bootie #2/Brown Bootie #1/Brown Bootie #2 (under $70)
And some bootie options!  My booties are the exact style as the Brown Bootie #1 just leopard.  Unfortunately, they aren’t making those this year.  (They do come in snake skin if that’s your thing.)  The fringe Jessica Simpson booties on sale for under $70 is awesome!

I hope you might have found a thing or two that was speaking to you as well.  

Here’s to creating that perfect winter outfit that just screams, “COZY!”.  🙂

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