Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, Friends!!  Welcome to Friday Favorites!  🙂

Narci, Andrea, and I are sharing our FAVORITES today.  Hope you can join us!

We had a fun weekend!!  My aunt, two of her friends, and my mom came into town on Thursday night.  We decided to have a girls’ dinner in downtown McKinney as soon as they arrived.  Burgers, sweet potato fries, and girl talk are all FAVORITES of mine!

Friday night, we had game night!  We invited Marla over, made homemade pizzas, and finally got to play Pie in the Face.  Oh my goodness!  My boys were terrified and refused to play.  Ebby Lee was a TRIP!  Her reaction was my FAVORITE!  She was so nervous about playing but she wanted to be so brave.  She did awesome and we all had a turn getting pie-d in the face.

Sunday night my parents took the kiddos to run a couple errands and grab some dinner.  So Tab and I…
Went out on a DATE!!  My FAVORITE!
First we shopped for a new washing machine and then we sit down for a real grown-up meal.  It was delightful!

I’ll be sure to share when my Chatbooks finally arrive!  I finally signed up for the app and to receive them whenever I have a full book.  I’ll keep you posted.  🙂

My washing machine went out over the weekend.  Think leaking water on the floor and blinking lights on the screen.  My valentine bought me a new one.  The new one was delivered Monday and I MIGHT have watched a big part of the first load get washed.  This baby is bigger which means I can throw more clothes in and do less loads.  Every lady in my family is shaking their head at this picture, because I do not separate the colors.  That sound?  Was my grandma screaming.  hahaha!  This was my FAVORITE thing delivered this week (and probably my only thing-but just go with it). 

This kid and I laugh and laugh during his homework time…it’s partly my FAVORITE and partly one of my least favorite things.  On this day, he was sounding out “eight”….well that’s pretty much impossible.

Tuesday night while I was doing the dishes I heard LOUD college marching band music blaring in the front room.  I went in to see a mascot, a cheerleader, and a football player running around.  My sweet hubby was singing along. (Sidenote:  Tab knows a freakish amount of college fight songs.)  It was a FAVORITE moment to watch this week.  

My FAVORITE devotional this week.  How often as women do we wish for a smaller waist, more toned arms, or less thighs?  We are fearfully and wonderfully made, ladies.  We should be proud of these bodies.  (It’s from the Savor Devotional.)

I had these two on Wednesday after the gym.  It was SO chilly outside.  One kid was happy to be in all cozy and warm and one kid was so frustrated that I was standing in front of the tv.  hahahaha!!  His expression and hers too are my FAVORITES!

Our FIRST chit chat is this next Monday.  Andrea and I double booked ourselves, so please go ahead and post on Monday like scheduled.  We’re posting on Tuesday and we’ll have the link-up ready for you to join on Tuesday as well.  You can just link-up your Monday posts.  So sorry about that!  We have something fun planned on Monday and then we’ll be chit chatting on Tuesday.  🙂  

Here’s the line-up!  We’d love for you to join us!!

Happy Friday, Ladies!  Let’s make it a GREAT one!  🙂

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  1. 1.22.16
    Fabulousandfunlife said:

    Your new washing machine looks amazingly! Being able to fit more in and do less loads sounds like a dream!

  2. 1.22.16
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    So many fun favorites this week! Listen, I wasn't screaming, I was agreeing…why separate your laundry? That sounds like too much trouble ;). I never separate either. xo

  3. 1.22.16
    Anonymous said:

    Cute, cute, pictures of your family!! Love!!

  4. 1.22.16
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    I don't separate my laundry either! NEVER have, NEVER will! Cute pic of you and Tab, and I'm going to have to try those Chatbooks too!

  5. 1.22.16
    Valerie Cox said:

    Glad to know there's other people that don't separate their laundry too!

  6. 1.22.16
    kelly said:

    This post has so much to love! Is it just me, or do you and EbbY Lee look so much alike? –
    you look so beautiful for your date night.
    I guess I'm totally out of the loop but I never heard of chat books so I'm going to have to look into that!
    And I love the kids doing the "college" thing. So cute! You guys seem like a fun bunch! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. 1.22.16
    Unknown said:

    Excited to hear about your ChatBooks! I tried out a different photo book app and was not a fan, really, so I'm interested how this one goes!

  8. 1.22.16
    Dana said:

    I wouldn't separate my laundry if it weren't for my husband, how weird is that?! Haha so much easier to just throw it all in together! 🙂

  9. 1.22.16
    Kelsey @ The Peacock Roost said:

    Pie in the face looks so fun! SO glad you and Tab were able to have a date night, I'm sure that was really fun! I don't separate my colors anymore either. Saves me so much laundry!

  10. 1.22.16
    Dustie Day said:

    You all make me feel so much better about laundry. I NEVER separate either. If I did, I'd be waiting weeks to get a white load washed at our house!

  11. 1.22.16
    Unknown said:

    The shirts you are wearing in the pie face and date night pictures are so cute! Where are they from? Also, where is your bracelet from in the pie face picture? Thanks, Christina 🙂

  12. 1.22.16
    Violet said:

    love your friday favorites!!! so glad I found these blogs and can participate in the link up!

  13. 1.22.16
    Mariah said:

    So excited for a fun new linkup! And I don't separate my laundry either! Mostly because I don't have 3 separate laundry hampers for sorting…but also because who wants to make laundry anymore difficult than it needs to be?! Happy Friday!

    Mariah @ Faith & Fashion

  14. 1.22.16
    Leigh (Balancing By Faith) said:

    Nixon looks like Kevin in Home Alone in his picture – so cute!!

  15. 1.23.16
    Olivia at Joyfully Prudent said:

    When I was reading my devotional, I came to that day and literally have a post written out in my head for that one day 🙂 (not sure if I'll ever get to writing it), but loved it. It really was a good perspective to think about our bodies. They have done some amazing things!

  16. 1.23.16
    Shana said:

    Ohmygosh!! I'm freaking out of the laundry thing! I so admire you, Shay and Sheaffer on your fashion sense and everything about your wardrobes and I'm totally shocked that you don't separate! I will literally wash a load with only three, two and maybe even one (gasp!) article of clothing just to keep the same color "families" together/separate! By the fact that the 3 of you wash everything together may now convince me that it's ok. My husband will literally fall to his knees and praise you all if he finds out I changed just because of this post. He's tried to convince me for 22 years that I waste water! LOL Oh, and yes I do use dye catchers in every load even though the colors are similar! :/

  17. 1.23.16
    Erin Peyerk said:

    Thank you for sharing that devotional! What a great message! 🙂

  18. 1.24.16
    Mom of 3 said:

    I am a fellow sister of not separating laundry. I may bleach a load or two of clothes a year and I do wash a new pair of jeans by themselves until I know they are good to go with the others. I have washed clothes like this for more than 20 years. A load of clothes go into the wash every weekday morning at 4:30 a.m. It's a rare thing to be backed up with laundry. The clothes get folded and put away when they come out of the dryer. It would drive me crazy to have a spare bed full of clean clothes. I'm too Type A to put up with that!