Our Weeks & 2 Other Important Things

LOVE that title huh??  ha!  

#1.  I need to give a HUGE shout out to Krystin.  She left me a comment about the perfect sippy cup that would change my life.  It’s called the Nalgene Tritan Grip-n-Gulp.  I ordered it this weekend and will let you know how it goes when it arrives!!  Thank you SO much Krystin!!  I really appreciate your help!

#2.  Thank you for ALL the sweet comments about fitting into my pre-Bowen “skinny” jeans.  You guys totally know how great that feels so thank you so much for sharing in my excitement!!

I didn’t do an “Our Week” post last week…so I’m recapping the last two weeks!!  (Be prepared…picture overload!)

I decided that Bowen’s hair was getting out of control.  When he got hot, it would do this flippy thing on the sides and it’d curl up.  It was time for his FIRST hair cut.  I decided since we were going, EVERYONE could get a hair cut/trim.
Nixon’s hair was SCRAGGLY long in the front.
It’s thin, but I flipped it out to show how long it was.

He did SO good.  He sit so still and watched t.v. like he’d done this twenty times before.

With that cape thing on, he couldn’t find his arms.  I gave him a sucker and he kept it in his mouth the ENTIRE time.  He couldn’t find an arm to take it out.  ha!  (I hope that story made sense.  It was really funny!)
We are waiting patiently (kind of ) for Ebby Lee’s hair to get thicker!!!  She needed a little trim too.
Nixon-Man’s cut looked great!
The stylist gave Bowen a faux-hawk.  So cute!!
He thought he looked pretty cool too.

So handsome!!  
The stylist asked E if she’d like a braid.  E of course was like, “yes”!  
And…nails done!
Fall picture day at preschool.
Sunday after church, we always put our comfy clothes on to rest/take a nap.  Bowen was diggin’ his comfies.

 Friday night the kiddos and I stayed home, were lazy, and made homemade pizzas.  Check out Bowen in the back.  ha!

 He knew what was coming…pizza!!

 They had SO much fun making their own pizza.  They both wanted cheese, but they let me add a few pepperonis to “my slices”.

Rapunzel is working on her head tilts…ha! 
Saturday was the Harvest Party at the Reyes’ house.  It’s our annual October social in our Sunday School class.  The kiddos all wear their costumes.  We bring anything in a crockpot…soup, stew, meatballs…you name it.  They Reyes’ have a BIG backyard so the kiddos play while the parents chat.  It’s so nice!!  

 I told Batman to give me a Batman pose and this is what I got.  🙂

 They were SO excited!!!

 On Saturday when I woke up, it was chilly!!  So…I called Marla to see if Bowen could hang with her instead of the outdoor party.  I think she was super excited to have some alone time with B.  It worked out perfectly!!  The big kids had SO much fun.  Bowen was warm and we were all happy!

 A cute witch and Rapunzel

 Batman, Ironman, and a Lion

 Another cute witch and Rapunzel  (the witch was swishing her broom…so the pic is fuzzy)

 Look at these cute girls…Fairy, SuperGirl, and a cupcake

 Sunday morning before church…Miss Priss got her pose on.

 Somebody thought she was funny.  🙂

 Love his smiley face!! (and hers too!)

 Love these CRAZY kiddos!

 Handsome Man

 Nix took a girl pic…photobombed by B.  Nixon actually said, “Put your hands on your hips”…when he was taking this!  ha!

 Mama and the boys
Tab got home early today.  We all rested while the Cowboys played, the kiddos played outside forever, and then we grabbed dinner.  Ready for another week!!

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  1. 10.21.13
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    My favorite picture is the one of all 3 kids lying on the floor! That is ADORABLE! You totally need a 5×7 of that one for your house!

  2. 10.21.13
    Elaine Welte said:

    I love Bowen's spiked hair!!! Where did you get Ebby Lee's fur vest from?! It's so cute!

  3. 10.21.13
    Liz/ said:

    That picture of the 3 kids lying on the floor is SO cute, your kids are darling! Also, love your outfit in the last pics…you always look so great!

  4. 10.21.13
    Krystin Carey said:

    So glad I could help!! Let me know how you like them:) Your family is precious and I've been enjoying your blog because your life is so similar to mine! I have a 5 year old girl Ramsey, a 3 year old boy Knox, and Baby Boy #3 due in February. You are a very blessed mama!!!

  5. 10.21.13
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    I was going to say what Shay said! The pics of all the kids on the floor is DARLING!!!!! And I loved all of the costume pics!

  6. 10.22.13
    Meet Lindsay said:

    Love your rug! Can you share where you got it? We get our new house Friday so definitely looking! And love reading your blog.

  7. 10.23.13
    Kim said:

    You are adorable! Happy faces in all those sweet pictures!

  8. 10.23.13
    Kim said:

    You are adorable! Happy sweet family! love your blog!