Our Week in Review…

Ebby Lee received a SEMO Redhawks cheerleading outfit for her birthday from Aunt Sandi and Uncle Kelly. She had to try it on and model.

We went to the doctor for Nixon’s check-up.

Nixon posed for the camera….handsome boy!

Nixon did some swingin’.

Ebby Lee got to hold her little brother.

She’s so proud of herself, but check out his face!

Nixon did lots of nappin’…thank you, Nixon!!

Kirby came to visit and thought, “Ooh, boy cooties!”..ha!

Ebby Lee’s been catching up on her reading. This girl LOVES her some books!

Nixon turned 1 week old!

Don’t look at me…ha! But…after dinner, a family walk, and baths Ebby Lee, Nixon, and Mama had some cuddle time!! (Yes, Ebby Lee is wearing gingerbread pj’s…they still fit really well!)

We’ve had a great first week at home. Nixon is doing great. He’s eating and sleeping really well at night. Big sister, Ebby Lee, is adjusting well too. We’re thankful that T-Nonna’s been here to take a feeding at night, so Tab and I are getting lots more sleep than with Ebby Lee!

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  1. 4.21.10
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I love the picture of Ebby Lee holding Nixon. His face is priceless!!!!!

  2. 4.23.10
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Yeah! I'm loving all the posts from you, and I'm glad you seem to be adjusting very well to life with two little munchkins! They look so sweet together! I can't wait to see Nixon on Monday when I bring dinner by! I'll text you on Sunday to figure out a time to bring it by!

  3. 4.25.10
    icenhower-family said:

    Glad to see that Ebby is loving her little bro and that he is adjusting well! Good luck to you all in the weeks to come and can't wait to meet little Nixon!!

  4. 4.26.10
    amber leann said:

    Looks like you guys are doing great! My sweet Klaire is 4 wks. & we think suffering from reflux! YUCK! Needless to say, lots of crying & sleepless nights!