Our Week…

These pictures are ALL out of order, so imagine them all backwards?? We had a busy week this week. Rusty and Whitney went out of town and their kids stayed with us. It was a trial run…just in case we were thinking about having 5 kids? ha! Nixon was excited about having company. Mackey was like his 2nd Mama. She loved on him all the time!
Mackey enjoying her cake.

Kirby and Ebby Lee eating their cake. I don’t know what I was thinking giving 4 kids cake! They made a huge mess, but they enjoyed eating it!

On Wednesday just to get out of the house and run off some of that energy, we met Andrea and Luke at the bounce house. This was Mackey “thinking” she was playing the game.

Paxton had so much fun at the arcade.

Too funny! This is what the back of the bounce house area looked like after Luke turned the lights out. They were the kind of lights that take 7-8 minutes to come back on! ha! Andrea and I thought it was too funny. I’m not sure everyone else did.

I was trying to tickle Kirby to get her to smile.

This was the like 5 minutes that she was being independent and enjoying herself.

Wasn’t too sure what to think.

The girls all dressed up and ready to go!

Bath time was so much fun!

On Tuesday, Whitney got us a babysitter so Tab and I could go meet some college friends out on the lake. This is Sarah-looking great in her bikini and me-in my I have kids tankini…ha!

ASU football alums…Casey, Frank (who was visiting from Virginia), and Tab

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