The Busy Lives of the Slaughter Kids…

Well…they really haven’t been too busy this week. I feel like we did something about every other day and then someone would get sick and mess it all up. We’ve been passing around the stomach bug. It’s been such a joy passing it from one family member to the next. 🙂 Nixon Man…3 months and getting so big!
He’s started enjoying his exersaucer…a lot!

Ebby Lee thinks it’s a really fun toy now that Nixon is playing with. Guess I better get used to that! He loves her so much. He watches her every move!

We had plans to go to the gym and then a splash park, but it was Mama’s turn to not feel well…so we stayed home instead. Nixon looks sad about it, doesn’t he?

She hadn’t realized that she was all dressed up with no place to go.

We celebrated “Christmas in July” with Nixon’s pajamas.

She just spotted his snowmen.

Merry Christmas in July!

We met Hailey and Case at the mall. Ebby Lee was having a I-love-this-play-area kind of day.

Tough guys use pink washcloths…right?

A new favorite…swimming in the bath tub.
Hopefully, we’ll be all finished with this stomach bug and ready to get to the pool again soon. We’ve been missing out on some pool time!

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