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Today at 4:00 p.m. all my people will officially be on SPRING BREAK!  To be honest, I’m a little torn about that.  Last year on our Spring Break is when the world shut down so I’m a bit nervous to get way too excited about a week outside of our normal schedule.  Anyone else?

Exactly a year ago today, this was us….

Slaughter and Shulls at the Aulani Luau.  So much fun!

Andrea and I are sharing our FRIDAY FAVORITES!  Today, I enlisted help from my people.  I decided to not just share my FAVORITES with you, but to share my families’ FAVORITES from the week.  

Here we go…
Britt’s FAVORITES-Can I add here that my FAVORITE is she can go in her room, grab her own pajamas, and get herself dressed?  YES!!  A mama FAVORITE for sure!

When I asked Britt her FAVORITE from the week, she said her new Frozen Toy.  In Disney World last week, I got her a little Frozen set.  It’s similar to this one.

Britt’s second FAVORITE…these meatballs.  Talk about an EASY dinner.  When I was out of town I grabbed two of these packs for Tab and the kids to eat while I was gone.  Not gonna mention any names, but someone took the kids out to eat every night I was gone so we had them this week instead.  I added the meatballs and a jar of pasta sauce to my slow cooker, let them cook for about 3 hours, and dinner was easy peasy!  Britt typically isn’t a very big meat eater, but THESE MEATBALLS ARE HER FAVORITE!


Bowen told me his first FAVORITE is his baseball tournament this weekend!  Bowen and his team are playing in their first big boy baseball tournament and he couldn’t be more excited.  #neithercouldhisdad

His second FAVORITEhis new batting gloves.  


Nixon’s FAVORITES were very similar….his first tournament of the season is this weekend and he’s pumped!

Nixon’s new baseball cleats just arrived before practice yesterday and he was acting like it was Christmas morning.  New cleats…this boy’s second FAVORITE of the week!


Ebby Lee’s been reading The Diary of Anne Frank because they’re studying WWII in her history class.  She’s loving it so much she named it her first FAVORITE of the week.

Ebby Lee’s second FAVORITE is Sister Sister.  Do you remember this one?  Well, now you can watch on Netflix so Ebby Lee has been making her way through this show and can’t get enough!


I’m adding this for Tab as his first FAVORITE because I’ve already ordered it for him as a Father’s Day gift and he will LOVE it!  He can’t get enough of his foam roller AND he loves his massage gun but this little tool is like two-in-oneShay and I learned about these this week and I was immediately ordering for Tab.  He will be so pumped.

I think the Slaughters are about to make the plunge into You Tube TV….does anyone else have this?  Tab was on the phone a while yesterday talking to different providers and when he hunt up he seemed practically giddy.  Fingers crossed it’s a new FAVORITE!


My first FAVORITE is no secret-this Target top I raved and raved about earlier this week!

And guys I’m keeping it real here…I had the worst sore in my mouth in possibly the worst location.  Yesterday I was directly putting salt on my wound in hopes to heal it as quickly as possible.  At one point I was just carrying this tub of salt with me from room to room.  There’s absolutely no telling what my sodium intake was yesterday but I’m hoping thanks to my FAVORITE kitchen item from the week my mouth is feeling much better today. 

Most #lame FAVORITE ever but I want you to know as I was working on this post I kept thinking about how thankful I was for the salt SO here we are…I’m blogging about iodized salt.  


Okay, now we’re off…to play some baseball, a little volleyball, and then hit the slopes for a week on Spring Break!  See you back here on March 15th, Everyone!

Hope you have the BEST WEEK!

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  1. 3.5.21
    Penny @ Penny's Passion said:

    Oh no on the sore in your mouth! Have you ever tried using Zilactin? Best stuff ever! Have fun on your trip!

  2. 3.5.21
    Rachelle Kumle said:

    If you still have the sore today, try putting a blob of honey on a q-tip and holding that directly on the sore until the honey dissolves. Do this multiple times a day and it should heal quickly! I learned this when I got awful canker sores that would last a couple weeks. This trick solved them for me in a day or two. ��

  3. 3.5.21
    Maggie Eterno said:

    Oh my gosh!! I do the same thing with my ulcers abs use salt!! So glad it’s better. Enjoy your week off!! How exciting to be heading to the slopes.

  4. 3.5.21
    Jen said:

    We have YouTube Tv. We like it and have not had any issues. We even get out local news

  5. 3.5.21
    Erika Slaughter said:

    No, I haven’t. I don’t want to speak too soon but maybe the salt worked? It’s feeling better so far this morning. As we were discussing favorites as a family when I said the salt, they all looked at me like I was crazy. But by the end of the day, after a day full of talking it’s the only favorite I even wanted to share. That’s how thankful I was for something to help. I’m gonna check out that med if something changes today. Thank you!

  6. 3.5.21
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Rachelle-I’m gonna try that right now!! Thank you!!!

  7. 3.5.21
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Jen-so glad to hear that!! The only thing he’s struggling about is apparently he won’t get The Rangers baseball games. Most come on Fox Sports Southwest and there’s no way to add that. Other than that, we’re all in. I told him we just need to get more invested in college baseball. 🤣

  8. 3.5.21
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    Have the best time away! Can’t wait to hear all about it when you come back!

  9. 3.5.21
    Brianne said:

    I love meatballs too! So good & easy! Good luck to Bowen & his team!! Love that top, super cute! I hope you have a great Friday & weekend!

  10. 3.5.21
    Danielle @ A Sprinkle of Joy said:

    I loved Sister Sister!!! And I get canker sores all the time…. they are the worst!

  11. 3.5.21
    Unknown said:

    We love You Tube TV!

  12. 3.5.21
    Rachel Embery said:

    Would love to know if you’re headed out way(Colorado). The snow is not the best. It is supposed to
    Be 60 here this weekend and all next week(Colorado Springs). Would love to give you tips on our favorite places up in the mountains! My ski season is done because I tore my ACL at Jackson Hole in December and had surgery in January. Snow should be good enough for another week or so. Enjoy! Feel free to email me with any questions. Would
    Love to know where you are headed. I live vicariously through any skier I know. We were at our house in Crested Butte last weekend! Snow there was great!

  13. 3.5.21
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Ulcers are THE WORST! I bit my lip HARD yesterday when eating dinner, so I'm sure I'm going to develop a lovely ulcer too. I have some OTC medicine I use, but I might need to try the honey and the salt tricks.

  14. 3.5.21
    Jami said:

    This stuff is amazing to keep on hand for any mouth ulcer/sore: Colgate Peroxyl. It’s just a mouthwash and it works so fast! Happy Spring Break ◡̈

  15. 3.5.21
    Sassy Sarah said:

    Have a great trip! 🙂

  16. 3.5.21
    Kim said:

    We just dropped our local cable provider entirely, and we have moved to YouTube TV. We love it! The Library feature is so easy to add shows to and whenever you click, all episodes are there for your viewing. No more "only 2 shows recorded at a time" with the old DVR. We like the variety of channels in the line-up and haven't felt slighted without cable, and we're saving money each month!

  17. 3.5.21
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Heading to your house right now with mouth stuff. Like right now.

  18. 3.5.21
    Unknown said:

    Why haven't you or Shay posted about your trip last year and the one from this past week? Are you not allowed to post about Disney anymore?

  19. 3.5.21
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    New baseball gear is the best! I’m so happy baseball is starting again! I’ve missed it! (I may change my tune in a few weeks when all I want is a free night but still… 😂🤷🏼‍♀️) Happy Friday, friend!! Have a great Spring Break!

    That Inspired Chick

  20. 3.5.21
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Unknown-when we returned from our Hawai’i Spring Break trip the world had shut down and it felt wrong to share. We’ll post that trip at some point but it just hasn’t happened yet. About Disney-who would say we can’t post those pics? I’m so curious about what you’re thinking! My plan is to share them on the 15th!

  21. 3.5.21
    Unknown said:

    Hi Erika! I am so curious about Britt’s shirt. We live in China Spring and my oldest son is a student there. We are a very small community so I was so surprised to see her repping our Cougars! 😀
    Also, we went to You Tube TV about 4 months ago and are very pleased with it! I think you will be happy you went with it as well.

  22. 3.5.21
    Erika Slaughter said:

    What a small world! My brother-in-law and his family live there. We went to a China Spring football game in the fall and got all the gear to attend. 🙂

  23. 3.5.21
    Unknown said:

    Erica, I'm so sorry…this is Michele. I have commented here before. It's naming me as "unknown" I can't figure out why. I meant no ill will at all. I LOVE your trip recaps and I was just wondering. I AM SO SORRY. And I didn't know if something happened with Disney allowing pictures, I was trying to figure out what happened. I honestly didn't mean to offend you. I'm very sorry.

  24. 3.5.21
    Kara said:

    I love hearing every Slaughter's favorite. Thanks for keeping it real with the salt. The picture from Hawaii is the best.
    Have fun on vacation!

  25. 3.5.21
    Julie Bradford said:

    weekend sounds really fun w baseball starting up!!! Spring break does too!!!! I cracked up about your favorite but I don't blame you..just keeping it real 🙂 a sore in the mouth is the worst.. we need to make the plunge on you tube tv or something.. we have had charter/spectrum for 16 years 😛 old habits hard to break but I think it's time to venture out and save some money!!!! ENJOY YOUR TRIP!!!!!

  26. 3.5.21
    Unknown said:

    Speaking from a teacher who loves WWII books, and shows many of my students the genre for their enjoyment, please recommend to her the book Jacob's Rescue. It is non-fiction and a story of incredible children and adults who help each other. My kids truly love that book.

  27. 3.5.21
    Marielle said:

    Fun to hear the family's favorites! Hope your sore gets better…and love the real there with the salt. 🙂 Happy Spring Break!

  28. 3.5.21
    Therese said:

    We ditched DirecTV about 1.5 years ago for YouTubeTV and have never regretted it. We get way more sports channels plus all our local stations and more. Our only critique is Hallmark Channel is not included. Even with that, I would totally recommend!

  29. 3.5.21
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Hey Michelle-No need at all to apologize! I was just curious at your what you meant-like who wouldn’t want us to post those. So sorry if it came across like I was upset. Not the case at all! Thanks for your sweet message! And really-no worries!

  30. 3.5.21
    Joanne said:

    Enjoy you break!

  31. 3.6.21
    Unknown said:

    We just switched to YouTube TV and I don’t think we are going to miss cable. If you are a Hallmark Channel fan they don’t have that so I signed up for FrndlyTV. I believe it is $5.99 monthly and it has all of the Hallmark Channels.

  32. 3.12.21
    Kristen L. said:

    Hi- We have a family/friend trip planned to Hawaii this summer.. can you link the older girls matching dresses for me.. thanks!
    And yes…please post a blog about Hawaii!!!!!

  33. 3.14.21
    Natalie said:

    Enjoy your break!!