New Family Pics…

Daddy and Ebby Lee
Mama and Ebby Lee

This was the biggest smile she gave us ALL day!


We headed to Rockwall to meet up with Jennifer Jennings to take our family pictures. For some reason, Ebby Lee was not in a smiling mood, but she still got some really great pictures. Thanks, Jennifer!

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  1. 12.8.09
    Unknown said:

    So cute! Love your new blog photo of Ebby Lee…she's adorable!

  2. 12.8.09
    The White Family said:

    I love the pictures!

  3. 12.9.09
    Shea said:

    Love them all, but the last one is my fav!

  4. 12.9.09
    The Tarbutton Blog said:

    We like the pics!!! Next time you guys go to Zalma, let us know.

  5. 12.9.09
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    PRECIOUS pictures!

  6. 12.9.09
    icenhower-family said:

    Those are adorable!!!

  7. 12.10.09
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Such great pictures!!!! I love the second one the most!

  8. 12.17.09
    amber leann said:

    Such sweet pics!