My Fall Reads 2018

Hey Hey Everyone!

I shared MY SUMMER READS at the end of the summer and you guys seemed to be fans!  I decided that day to begin highlighting my books by seasons.  Now that fall is coming to end {not really, but I’m gonna move on to winter books and odds are put up my Christmas decorations way too early}, I have another round-up for you.

This was me ALL FALL LONG.  🙂

Preferably with a cup of coffee AND a straw.  😉

This book was the last one I was reading as I finished my summer list.  If you’re a fan of Elin Hilderbrand and Nancy Thayer, then this book is your jam.  In this one, Carley loses her husband and is left to figure out how she’ll provide for herself and her two daughters.  The book is set in Nantucket and it’s a charming girly read you’ll love.

I wasn’t sure about this one, but you guys…it hooked me early on and I loved it.  The overall story line was about a well to do family in the town with four children…three are more “typical” teenagers and one is a mess.  A single mom and teenage daughter move into this family’s rental and their lives begin to intermingle.  There are many twists and turns in this book.  I wouldn’t call it a “thriller”, but I would say new problems arose throughout the story that I never saw coming.  I’d recommend this one, friends!

I’ve mentioned before I started the Redemption series by Karen Kingsbury so I’m slowly making my way through all those books.  I recently realized this series leads to another series, which leads to another so twenty-five books later I should be finished!  ha!  I will say the Baxter family has captured my heart!

I thought this was the final book in the Baxter series {and it is-to an extent}, but there’s another series of five that can be read right after this one about the same characters.  I’m guessing it’s because everyone who read just fell in love with this family and wanted to read more.  I’m right there with them!

I’ve gotta be honest.  It’s one thing to have an accidental book theme like, “brave women”, but it’s another for your word of the year to be “plane crashes”.  EEK!  I’ve been reading a lot of books that begin with a crash.  Not my favorite theme.  In this one, a random assortment of people loosely connected set off on a private plane and just minutes later the plane crashes into the sea.  There are survivors {don’t want to give too much away} and there’s a big investigation to see if it was completely accidental or planned.  I was sucked into this one early and really liked it.  If you’re nervous to make “plane crash” your theme this year too, then read this one first in 2019.  haha!

“It’s close to midnight.  Something evil’s lurking in the dark….” {Do you recognize those lyrics?!}  This book is JUST that…a THRILLER!  This book involves a car wreck, memory loss, and lots of secrets.  If you’re a fan of a suspense novel, I highly recommend this one!  The author did the BEST job of story-telling without any added fluff.  Sometimes I finish a book and think-they could have made this one hundred pages less and still told a great story.  Not this one!  Thriller fans…go get this one today!

Taking a complete right turn…this was a cute, chick-lit kind of read.  An English professor is on her way to the tenure track at a California college when the new president named at her university is none other than her ex-fiance.  This was cute, quirky, and all the things a girly book should be.

I’m a fan of those dark, thriller type books and this one fit into that category perfectly.  It’s by the author of Girl on the Train, so if you liked that one, then you should read this one.  In this book, a single mom is found in the bottom of the river that runs through the middle of town.  Sadly, she’s not the first woman this has happened to.  Throughout the story, we’re trying to figure out the details leading to her death.  And just like every thriller I read {I should be able to start figuring these out sooner}, I was surprised at the end!

I loved this one!  It was a GIRL POWER type read that left me thinking about how women joining forces can accomplish so very much!  It was cute, charming, and I’d highly recommend it.  🙂

Another suspenseful thriller, this one fell a little short for me.  I loved The Woman in Cabin 10, but I didn’t enjoy this one as much…when Hal, who’s struggling to make ends meet, learns her grandmother has included her in her will she realizes there’s been a mistake.  The letter’s been sent to the wrong person, but she goes along with it and the story unfolds…if you LOVE thrillers, give it a shot, but this isn’t a must-read, in my opinion.

I really liked this one!  I think it’s Heather Young’s first novel and she did WELL!  This book goes back and forth between Justine, modern-day single mom with two girls, who’s escaped her live-in boyfriend and moved to her family’s lake house and her great aunt Lucy, who’s documented her life growing up with two sisters when one disappears.  I didn’t see the ending coming and was guessing throughout the story!

You guys are probably gonna disagree with me, but I felt like this one read like a Hallmark movie.  Cute story, but I could predict what would happen by chapter three.  And it totally happened approximately three hundred pages later.  haha!  Anyone else feel this way?

It’s a single mom raising two kiddos {and who are really down on their luck} who happens to befriend a rich, single guy.  They meet because she cleans his house weekly.  One thing leads to another and I should stop….

Growing up in the midst of the political scene, these two sisters had some amazing stories!  I really enjoyed this one!  It was nice to see a little peek into their everyday lives and learn a little more about how it was to grow up with your grandfather as President and then later your father!

This one was a little outside of the norm of what I usually read.  I’m gonna do my best to explain it…Jane’s four-year-old son is convinced he lived another life.  He’s an eccentric little boy, who’s been seen by a ton of doctors.  Jane is finally introduced to a man who thinks he can help.  Again, I don’t want to give too much away.  I began this one and really didn’t think I’d get into it because it’s a little out there, but I liked it!

Oh my!  This one was GOOD!  The book begins with two little girls becoming orphaned as a tsunami sweeps through their home.  They struggle to get help and are offered a ride that  quickly becomes a nightmare.  I’ve never seen the movie, Taken, but I’m pretty sure this is a similar plot.  I was thinking about this book weeks after I read this one.

Beartown is a less-than thriving community.  Some would say the only thing holding their little community together is the promise of an amazing hockey season.  When someone on the team is accused of something horrific, the entire town is turned upside down.

A Man Called Ove wasn’t my favorite book, but I definitely enjoyed this one more.

Somehow I missed the memo this was a “Young Adult” book.  Until I started reading and I was all…hmmmm?!  Audrey pretty much never leaves her home, wears glasses 24/7, and only communicates with her family.  Her brother brings home a friend, Linus, and they begin a friendship.

This book is full blown chick-lit at it’s finest.  I must tell you-definitely rated “R”.  A couple super graphic scenes, so be warned.  This is book one in a three part series and this first one definitely set the tone.  It was hard not to fall for those characters.  I’m looking forward to reading the next two.

Okay, in no particular order…

BEST CHICK-LIT BOOK award goes to-When Life Gives you Lululemons

BEST BOOK THAT WILL STAY WITH ME FOR YEARS award goes to-A Walk Across the Sun

BEST THRILLER award goes to-A Stranger in the House

BEST OVERALL BOOK award goes to-Little Fires Everywhere

The book I’m reading now…

I’m off now to go knock a couple of books off my must-read list, but first…do you have any fall book awards YOU’D like to give out?!  If so, please share!  I’d love to hear about your favorites!

Thanks for reading today, friends!

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  1. 10.29.18
    Amy Heinl said:

    Great book review…you will love Before they were yours…it moved me to tears…one of my favorite reads this fall was,That month in Tuscany

  2. 10.29.18
    Beth said:

    I've read a lot of the same books! You will LOVE Before We Were Yours, and it will stay with you! My favorite book so far this year is The Great Alone. Definitely a must-read!!! I keep recommending it to everyone!

  3. 10.29.18
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    So, maybe I'll read a couple of chapters of the book about the Bush sisters! 🙂

  4. 10.29.18
    Unknown said:

    You should join!! Each month you get to choose 1 book (you can add more too!) and it’s always a variation of genres! It’s inexpensive as well 🙂 i’ve found some of my favorite books because of this!

  5. 10.29.18
    Kaitlin Hoeft said:

    I finished Before We Were Yours in about 12 hours stretched out! I couldn’t put it down!!! Love your book posts!

  6. 10.29.18
    Kaitlin Hoeft said:

    I finished Before We Were Yours last week! I started one evening and HAD to finish the next morning! I can’t wait to find out your thoughts!! Love your book posts! Xoxo

  7. 10.29.18
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Dang! I need to read like six of these now! Hahahaha!

  8. 10.29.18
    Natasha said:

    So Beartown wasn't my favourite book by this author but I still read the sequel, Us Against You and LOVED it. So you should read that one soon.

  9. 10.29.18
    David and Bethany said:

    Ah! You will LOVE “Before We Were Yours!!”

  10. 10.29.18
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    Yay! Love a good book review! I just added several of these to my list! That Inspired Chick

  11. 10.29.18
    Jamie said:

    You have to check out Charles Martin! I LOVED "When Crickets Cry" and "Water from my Heart". My most recommended books and everyone I lend them to loves them 🙂

  12. 10.29.18
    Jamie said:

    You have to check out the author Charles Martin. I LOVED "When Crickets Cry" and "Water from my Heart" but they are all so good. His books are my most-recommended and everyone I lend them out to loves them as well! 🙂

  13. 10.29.18
    Mrs. Hardison said:

    I just finished “Winter in Paradise” which is the new Elin Hilderbrand one. You need to read it! It’s not Christmas-y like her other trilogy was but you will love it!

  14. 10.30.18
    Robbyn said:

    You've got to read the sequel to Beartown. It's called Us against You. It was so so good!! I enjoyed it way more than Beartown and I really liked Beartown 😊
    Love book posts so thank you!

  15. 10.30.18
    StephC said:

    Thanks for the book reviews – I am always looking for something new and good to read. I've been reading the Porter Family series by Becky Wade, and then moved into the Bradford Sister series by her also. Very good romantic reads. I also read the Great Alone by Kristin Hannah. It was a hard book to read, but very moving. I don't always like Bible story based fiction, but I read Counted with the Stars by Connilyn Cossette within the last month and it was very good. It really made the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt come alive.

  16. 10.30.18
    Rene' Pingel said:

    Where the Crawdads Sing is a must read. It is soooooo good. At the end of the book you will say, "What???????'.

  17. 10.30.18
    Tanya said:

    Thanks for all the great reviews. I'm about to start Beartown. I posted about my October books today too –
    Tanya – The Other Side of the Road

  18. 10.30.18
    Bethany said:

    Before We Were Yours is one of my favorites this year!!
    My favorite recent reads are Vox, Rush, and The Day the World Came to Town.

  19. 10.31.18
    clatk said:

    I actually like the follow ups to the Baxter series better than I liked the originals! I think you’ll really enjoy them!! Great reviews; I have a few to add to my TBR plie now!

  20. 10.31.18
    Kjlb37 said:

    I hope you love Before We Were Yours! It's one of those books that stay with you and I think you'll be telling your friends about it;).

  21. 10.31.18
    Mandii said:

    Yes to Karen Kingsbury books! I am reading her Above the Line series, and I am obsessed with the Baxter family! I am pretty sure I am going to need to read all of her books!