Murder in the Alps

Happy Monday, Friends!

I must tell you I had written down in my calendar to blog about something completely different today and had even started working on it.  BUT…we had so much fun on Saturday night, I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Back in November, my mom was telling me about these mystery dinner kits you purchase online, download, and then throw your own little party in the comfort of your home.  You guys know how crazy our fall schedule is with Tab gone all the time, so I filed away the information and thought it’d be the perfect evening to host after the new year.

Cue Saturday night.  🙂

{Make sure to read to the bottom where I share all my thoughts and what we’ll do differently next time.  Yes, next time. So much fun-we’ll HAVE to do it again!}

We chose a Murder in the Alps theme since it was February.  It just felt right.

We tried our best {with some help from Marla} to create the perfect little ski chalet for our guests.

We set the dining room table and borrowed an extra table and chairs so we had plenty of dinner seating.  We only decorated in the front room and dining room area.  But I thought it turned out super cute…

This room looked pretty normal.  🙂  

For dinner, we had brisket, chili, a baked potato bar, and then we also served a variety of yummy appetizers.  I made a big batch of chili in my slow cooker, but catered everything else from Market Street, which is a local grocery store.

Our guests began arriving in FULL COSTUME and FULL ON CHARACTER MODE!  I’m talking suits to ski clothes and more!  The murder was announced and we spent almost two hours questioning each other, trying our best to hide secrets, and identify the murderer.  This mystery was a mingle mystery so we were supposed to chat and question everyone.

This crew was on their “A” acting game!  They were FABULOUS!

Our story line was surrounding a murder that happened right outside our ski chalet.  There were a variety of characters ranging from the caretakers to a big group of skiers just enjoying the slopes along with a few others as well.  
We weren’t given the exact things to say, but each character received information they had to share with others and information that was meant to be secret.  However, if someone asked you directly you had to be honest.

After about two hours of questioning, we all placed our votes for who we thought was the murderer and then we had the BIG REVEAL!

I really wish I had taken more pictures.  But I was full blown detective style and just never thought about it!  I was hardcore investigating.  🙂

*I’ve gotten asked several times-WHO DID IT?!  haha!  And I’m not telling just in case someone reading wants to host this exact mystery.  If I tell, it’ll ruin it for them.  That’s why I don’t mention the murderer.

Our group was either too smart {totally kidding} or we all watch too much Dateline {or read way too many creepy thrillers} because the vast majority suspected the correct person as the murderer.
To set it up-I purchased a kit from Shot in the Dark Mysteries {I plan on trying a different company next time}, I assigned characters, and e-mailed everyone their information.  This way everyone was studying prior to arrival and we were ready!  I made sure to purchase a kit that allowed the hostess to participate.  The kit told me what to read and what I shouldn’t read unless I wanted to identify the killer.  Most of these kits can be purchased for a various number of attendants.

Our mystery gave us all the information up front so after almost two hours of questioning we were “out” of things to ask.  But I’ve heard other companies like My Mystery Party have rounds during the night where the characters continue learning new information about themselves and others.  We’d all have preferred new clues to keep the game fresh.  And I’ve even heard a few of the mysteries include some fun games.  Our group would have totally been up for the games.

There are a TON of different themes ranging from holiday themes to era-related themes.  So many fun nights to choose from!

Our group had a ton of fun!  You should grab some friends and throw one of these parties real soon!  We stayed in character pretty much from the guests’ arrival until the Big Reveal.  

I’ve already been online searching for what theme we should do next time.

Hope you have a great day!

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