Lots of Firsts…

Ebby Lee is hanging her “My First Christmas” ornament on the tree. I misplaced it for a while, but just found it. We hung it up on the tree!
Ebby Lee’s first time to help with a makeover:
Whitney and her kiddos stopped by our house one day for something. Mackey had a doctor’s appointment and I went into Whitney’s car to see Mackey’s new glasses (adorable, by the way). We also found this:
Mackey had dropped almost her entire malt on her pants. We pulled what we could of Ebby Lee’s that we HOPED might fit Mackey who is 2 years older might I add and this is what we got:

Mackey looking fabulous! Whitney had this shirt in the car. Ebby Lee contributed a denim skirt (which was an 18-24 months, don’t know what I was thinking when I got that…too big) and some giraffe print baby legs. I was so proud of how good Mackey looked that I had to post it!

First snow:

I saw in other people’s blogs they put their chid’s coat, hat, etc. on and went outside. I wasn’t thinking like that…I whisked her up in a blanket (notice my tank top) and we went outside for a quick photo op.

Our backyard

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