A Little Behind…

On October 30th, some of our sweet friends, the McAnally’s, hosted a FABULOUS Halloween party. Andrea totally outdid herself. The decor was amazing, the food was spectacular, and it was SO much fun! The Eason Family
Maxwell Family

McAnally Family

New Family

Shull Family

Slaughter Family…AKA…Barney, Betty, & Bam Bam Rubbles & Pebbles Flinstone

Amazing food table…DELISH!

Sweet, sweet girls that I love & ADORE!!

Kid group pic…LOVE Nixon’s face. He knows the drill…ha!

Ebby Lee and one of her besties…Kensington

Don’t know why they were hanging out in Luke’s bed when people were partying in the other room?

Another kiddo group pic

Thanks so much McAnallys for hosting such a FABULOUS party!!

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