When Daddy’s Away…

We’ll have ALL kinds of fun! On Friday night, some of our friends came over for soup and cookies. The kiddos played, the moms chatted, and it was so nice! Xander and Ebby Lee eating their dinner.
This little guy loves to eat!

Sweet baby Maddox

Ms. Karla brought over cookies and all kinds of stuff to decorate those cookies with. I LOVE this messy boy!

Love this messy girl too! She LOVES wearing her Disney pajamas SO much that she already had them on before her friends came.

Xander working on his cookies. Carter was there too, but apparently I only took pics around the food. And…he wasn’t interested in the food. Thanks so much Mamas and friends for hanging out with us!!
Saturday, we met M at the mall for more fun!

These two hit up the play area.

Saturday night we had even more fun at Ms. Sheaffer’s house with ALL of Carter’s cool toys and some delicious pizza!!
Sunday, we had a quick photo shoot before heading to church…

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