Let’s Look-Wrapping Stations

 I cannot believe today wraps up an entire year of Let’s Look posts with Shay for 2019!  Every month this year, Shay and I hosted a link-up where we looked at a certain topic in our life.  We invited you to join us each and every time.
It’s true what they say-time flies when you’re having fun.  🙂

Let’s take a look back at our year…

February arrived and we shared our lists of favorite reads.  Speaking of favorite reads, I haven’t picked up a fiction book in over a month!

In March, we peeked at everyone’s family and got to know them all a little better.

Do you remember my pantry scramble that happened in April?  I frantically cleaned it up in order to share some pictures with you.

In May, we looked at our favorite #OOTD…white jeans, spring top, and sandals on repeat.  ALL MAY LONG.

We shared a look inside our suitcases in June right before our summer vacation.

Everyone’s favorite posts, a day-in-the-life, happened in July.

Like a good girly show to binge watch?  I shared all my favorites in August.

Once school started our calendars got crazy and we all took a peek in September.

In October, we all looked at our favorite fall recipes.  I shared some Slaughter favorites for those busy nights with all the things.

Shay and I were laughing today because when we made this game plan for 2019 we both had big plans of a great wrapping station in our homes BUT ask me if that happened?  


Basically, imagine any floor of my house.

And that completes the tour of my fancy wrapping station.

I wish I was kidding.  🙂

Here’s another truth…I’m awful at wrapping presents.  I have no doubts this might be the year that Ebby Lee’s wrapped presents look better than the presents I wrap.  While I have no wrapping skills, I can spot a well wrapped gift from a  mile away.  If you’re looking for some fun wrapping goodies, I’ve got you covered…

Shay and I have some fun things planned for 2020!  We’ll keep you posted with all the excitement soon so you can get it on your calendar as well.

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  1. 12.11.19
    Joanne said:

    LOL. I used to wrap on the floor too but I do at least throw up a card table or something to put the paper on now so I don't have to worry about breaking my back or knees.

  2. 12.11.19
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    I'm dying. The best laid plans, huh? I've had dreams of a wrapping station too, but my stuff isn't even contained to one bag. We are failures. 🙂

  3. 12.11.19
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Bahahaha! Two peas in a pod 😉 .

  4. 12.11.19
    Anonymous said:

    Hahaha! Maybe in 2020 we will have a professional wrapping station setup. One can only hope! 🤣

  5. 12.11.19
    Ann said:

    My local news station did a story yesterday that nicely wrapped presents can lead to more disappointment because it raises the expectations on the gift..the perception is ‘if it’s wrapped so nicely, it must be great”. So, just look at your badly wrapped presents as good parenting because you are managing your kids’ expectations! LOL

  6. 12.11.19
    Mommaof3 said:

    Lol. I love that I am also setting expectations by not being a great wrapper #perspective

  7. 12.11.19
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    I love how accurate this post is! Thanks for being real with us! I have loved this blog series!

  8. 12.11.19
    Julie Bradford said:

    bahhaah who even has their life so together that they have a wrapping station 🙂 I'm on the floor every year… BUT this year J&J decided to jump in on the fun and help….they can definitely wrap better than me… and who has time to make it pretty… wrapping paper and labels is where it's at!!! bahahaha

  9. 12.11.19
    Mactoyourcheese said:

    I take over our covered pool table for my “wrapping station”. �� The floor kills my almost 50 year old back. Everyone is assigned a certain wrapping paper, when the kids were younger, they had no idea which gifts belonged to who, as I didn’t use name tags, I just knew whose paper belong to each child. �� and some years they would know because I used a favorite character of theirs for the paper. �� This has been a fun series, can’t wait to see what you sweet ladies come up with for next year. ❤️