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 Hey Hey Everyone!

Thanks for popping in today!  I got several messages about my blog yesterday and there wasn’t a problem-I just didn’t blog.  This is definitely smack dab in the middle of busy life for the Slaughters…all four kids are involved in something outside of school, Tab is traveling on the weekends, I’m busy working full-time at Mix and Match Travel, and it often feels like I’m just trying to stay afloat amidst the crazy.  Yesterday, I just didn’t get my post written…no worries it’s all about Amazon and it’ll go live tomorrow.  Thank you for checking in on me and thank you for understanding.  XO

Today is a FUN ONE!  It’s that Wednesday of the month when Shay and I take a peek at something in our life.  We’re talking FALL RECIPES today!  The best part is…it’s finally cooled off a bit in North Texas and is really feeling like fall!  On Monday, I got dressed and several people mentioned, “Your outfit looks like fall”.  I wanted to respond with, “I’ve been waiting approximately six weeks to wear these pants.  It’s about time!”.  The weather had me ANGRY!  {I forgot to take a picture but these are the pants I was wearing in “cedar” and I agree-if fall were a pant, it would be this pair.}

I mentioned above this season is a bit chaotic with ALL THE THINGS after school?  What I’ve been doing for my meal planning is writing right in the side of my planner beside that week and the activities so I can see exactly what meal will fit in that day.

Last week’s line-up…
Pumpkin Sausage PastaI know what you’re thinking…pumpkin, sausage, and pasta?  Together?  But if you haven’t tried this recipe-you need to!  My kids LOVE this one!
Spinach Pesto Taco Night-I made extra taco meat and we had it with chips, cheese and toppings for…
Nacho Night

This week…
Chili and Cornbread-I accidentally make this different every time I make it.  I use a chili seasoning packet and then add Rotel, diced tomatoes, chili beans, kidney beans, ground beef, and anything else I think it needs.  I buy the cornbread from our local grocery store and it’s so good.  It tastes like a cake with a little corn thrown in.  I’d be lying if I said my kiddos didn’t have leftover cornbread with eggs on Tuesday morning before school.  It’s THAT good!
Spaghetti-Again, no real recipe.  I add ground beef to Classico’s Four Cheese Sauce and whip up some noodles.  Voila!  This is Nixon’s favorite meal.  
BBQ Chicken Taquitos-These are on the menu tonight.  I’ll put my chicken in the slow cooker and whip them up right before school pick up so they’re just ready to bake.  Wednesdays after school are crazy so pre-planning is key for us to eat a home cooked meal.
*I left one night open because I actually thought last night with practices/games overlapping we’d have to grab something randomly but one practice was cancelled so it all worked out.  I’ll do a quick grocery pick up tomorrow for ingredients for Slow Cooker Balsamic Chicken {another favorite}.

Shay’s blog is my favorite place to head when I’m meal planning.  I’ve gotten asked if I make anything other than Shay’s recipes.  Of course!  But if your bestie wrote cookbooks with amazing recipes, why wouldn’t you be using those every single time you meal plan?  #nobrainer  These are some of our Mix and Match Mama favorites…

Slightly Sweet Sloppy Joe’s-This is a fall no-brainer!
Meatloaf-We LOVE this one!
Chicken Enchilada Soup-yes, yes, yes!

But in October, you MUST make…
-with a side of Mummy Dogs…it’s the perfect Halloween dinner.

A few fancy things from my kitchen {I’m being sarcastic-I whip up ZERO fancy things}…
*I cut up chicken into smaller bites, wrap in turkey bacon and bake them in the oven.  Give kids free reign on dipping sauces and they eat these right up.
*Chicken and Rice Casserole-I think every family has their own version of this…ours involves onion soup mix, rice, and cream of chicken soup.
*Chicken Parmesan-this recipe comes straight off the back of the Ragu Alfredo Sauce jar.  #fancy

I mention this all the time but we are always roasting okra in the oven.  Tab tries to be very diligent about his food choices so if we’re having pasta or another big carb for dinner, he’ll eat his over a roasted veggie instead.

Sorry, for ALL THE WORDS and no pictures!   That wraps up some of our FAVORITE FALL RECIPES!  Next month, we’re talking entertaining!  Hope you join us!

Thanks for stopping by!  If you have a family favorite fall recipe, please share in the comments!  I’d love to try it in my house!


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  1. 10.9.19
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    I still haven't tried your oven roasted okra. I'm buying okra today!

  2. 10.9.19
    R's Rue said:
  3. 10.9.19
    Carrie said:

    I needed new fall recipes. I have IBS and apparently a severe form. I have lost a ton of weight ( I was thin to start) since June and now have to follow the low fodmap diet which quite frankly stinks. I have been struggling to find recipes that are easily reheated given our busy evenings and meet the fodmap rules. It has cause so much stress that I decided, forget it and am just making meals for the family and then making my own. We eat clean and healthy 80% of the time but my family is so happy to have a little dairy, more flavor, and varied carbs back in meals!!! Not to mention my 12 year old that swims for 90 min 4 to 5x a week and strength trains. She is ALWAYS hungry!!! But if anyone has some exciting low fodmap meals and wants to share that would be awesome!!

  4. 10.9.19
    Laci said:

    Roasted okra is a staple at my house!

  5. 10.9.19
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    I love the idea of putting your meals in your planner. Super smart and efficient.

  6. 10.9.19
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Okay, I agree with Sheaffer! I'm buying okra TODAY!! Thank you so much for always enjoying my recipes!! xo

  7. 10.9.19
    Mommaof3 said:

    Can you post your roasted okra recipe? I’d love to try it!

  8. 10.9.19
    Joanne said:

    I find my chili never comes out quite the same way each time either. I do tend to make my own cornbread though.

  9. 10.10.19
    Unknown said:

    How do you roast your okra? Sounds delicious!