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Ladies, we’ve got a very serious topic today on our first round of Let’s Look for 2021.  Each month Shay and I team up to share with you how we handle something in our home.  We invite all of you to join us by linking up at the bottom of each post to share how you handle it in your home.  At the bottom of this post, is our new 2021 list of topics for the year.  These link-ups are one of my favorite days of the month.  I hope you stick around all year long!

Like I said, today’s topic is one I take very seriously and I’m sure many of you will understand…

This is one topic I can really get behind!  Can’t you?  Today, we’re chatting COFFEE BAR!  {My space is really simple so we’re gonna be doing some coffee talk as well.  How I like my coffee and I wanna hear how you like YOURS!}  I’ll be sure to show you where I make my coffee each and every morning….errrr and all throughout the day.  😉  My space isn’t fancy but boy, oh boy do those cups of coffee taste delicious! 

On January 3, 2013, I made and drank my first cup of coffee…it was 1/3 cup of creamer, 1/3 cup of Splenda, and 1/3 coffee.  And since that day, {well I still really enjoy some creamer} I’ve now graduated to 2-3 cups every single day.  I get excited about it every single morning when my alarm clock goes off in the morning!

Just for the record I took a picture of that first cup and posted it on Instagram.  Otherwise-I’d never remember that day.  Can you believe I spent the first THIRTY years of my life missing out on the enjoyment of coffee?!

And no matter what-nothing, absolutely nothing, tastes as good as that first cup of morning coffee.  Am I right?  The second and third cups don’t even compare.

Here’s a little peek at my set up…

A nice and simple Keurig is what makes the magic happen.  This was on Monday afternoon…the time is ALWAYS off on this coffee maker.  I enjoyed almost all of my cup and then realized I needed a pic so that’s why there’s a little more in my cup.  While I’m working on planning Walt Disney World vacations, this coffee mug is my mug of choice.  🙂

I store everything coffee related in the cabinet right above.  A little clear container holds all our coffee pods…right now Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice and Green Mountain’s Breakfast Blend are happening.  I always add one Truvia to my coffee so it’s located in there as well.  We have one of those re-fillable coffee pods you add your own coffee to and keep extra coffee for those days I don’t plan correctly causing us to run out of pods. 

I’m far from a plain black coffee drinker but I don’t use a frother or anything fancy like that.  To be honest, I wouldn’t even know how to work it.  Give me a splash or two or three {depending on the day} of hazelnut creamer and a little Truvia..then I’m set!  Remember my post yesterday?  We’re simplifying in my house and apparently, the one part of my life I’ve been living pretty simple for years is my coffee.

My very FAVORITE coffee is anything “pecan” or “hazelnut” flavored.  If you enjoy something similar, please send me your recs!  My favorites are Green Mountain’s Southern Pecan {I have a really tough time finding this one in grocery stores but Amazon usually has it}, Green Mountain’s Maple Pecan, and Dunkin’ Donuts Hazelnut.  As I was searching for those to link for you, I found Butter Pecan!!  Doesn’t that sound good?

Okay, after all that COFFEE TALK I’m off to go make one more cup! 

Hope you join us next month when we’re sharing LOVE LANGUAGES!  And please send me your best coffee pod recommendations!


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  1. 1.13.21
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I feel like you left out a VERY important "Erika/coffee" statement in this post. You do not drink hot coffee. You don't even really drink warm coffee. You like (in my opinion) very room temp coffee. Ha! (And you love to drive around in your car with a mug just to annoy Andrew…) Why am I cracking myself up? 😉

  2. 1.13.21
    Erika Slaughter said:

    I’m cracking up!! Yes! Now that first cup of coffee in the morning I like it warm (not hot) but the other cups…I prefer it a nice balmy seventy degrees. 🤣🤣🤣. And I much prefer a mug over anything! Those swig travel mugs are a great travel option but a mug is where it’s at.

  3. 1.13.21
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    Simple is the way to go when it comes to your coffee and your station! Thanks for sharing!

  4. 1.13.21
    Hannah said:

    HEB brand coffee has a pecan flavor that is so good! It also comes in decaf. Maybe you can order it online since there aren't any in Dallas.

  5. 1.13.21
    Kathy Olson said:

    I used to make coffee for my husband and thought it smelled great, but I didn't like the taste. But a friend introduced me to flavored creamers! Then I understood. I've been drinking coffee ever since and just like you, I wake up looking forward to my cups of coffee!

  6. 1.13.21
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    I mean, I've NEVER had a cup of coffee. Never. Neither has Chris. Are we still friends?

  7. 1.13.21
    Alexa Jae said:

    International Delight makes a Southern Butter Pecan flavored creamer and it is so good! You have to check it out.

  8. 1.13.21
    Katie said:

    Green Mountain Southern Pecan is my absolute favorite. I actually use Keurig.com to order it. They have discounts a lot and you can actually set it up to auto deliver (with free shipping) however often you want. Just a tip I thought I’d share because it’s hard to find very many places.

  9. 1.13.21
    Maggie Eterno said:

    I started drinking coffee about 10 years ago after I had my third child, ha! Looking forward to Let's Look 2021!! Thank you for hosting this fun link-up!

  10. 1.13.21
    Stephanie Stafford said:

    Try International Delights Souther Butter Pecan Creamer, it is delicious!!

  11. 1.13.21
    The Gable Life said:

    You might be able to find the Mountain coffee at Marshalls/TJ Maxx! I’ve seen several of their flavors there!

  12. 1.13.21
    Shawnee said:

    I was 40 before I started drinking coffee….I like a little coffee with my creamer. I prefer pumpkin spice but will also drink french vanilla. I hate Starbucks but I'm obsessed with Chick Fil A iced coffee, large vanilla add choc syrup and I drink it when it's 95 outside or when it's 32 outside. I don't live close to a Chick Fil A so I make my own at home with unsweet cold brew, choc syrup and vanilla Premier protein shake.

  13. 1.13.21
    Brian and Betsy said:

    I JUST started drinking coffee a few weeks ago Bc I wanted to feel like a grownup ��. I love pecan and hazelnut as well—we found Texas Pecan at central market and the coffee guy there said that’s their #1 seller?

  14. 1.13.21
    Alexa said:

    I still do not drink coffee. I actually started trying to drink it this summer (after I turned 30), but then I got pregnant so I gave up. Maybe after this baby (#3) comes along I will learn to drink it out of necessity! I have always loved the smell of coffee and love chais and will do a latte or a mocha occasionally so I think I’m getting closer to becoming a coffee drinker!

  15. 1.15.21
    Pamela said:

    I'm a day late with my post and getting around to visiting everyone. Love your mug! Simple is the way to go, your Keurig is all that's on your counter and everything else is tucked away in the cabinet, looks great. I enjoy flavored coffee too but I haven't found one I like so I bought some Amoretti sugar-free syrups, they have lots of flavors, and really enjoy adding them to my coffee. Each bottle comes with a pump, easy to use!

  16. 1.18.21
    Alyssa said:

    If you love hazelnut, you need Panera hazelnut in your life!!! It’s the best!! They sell bags in the cafe or online too!