Jumping on the Movement

Hey!  Hey!

Okay, maybe this has been happening every December and I’ve completely missed the boat until now but have you heard of the Kindness Advent Calendars?  I stumbled upon one on Facebook this past weekend and then found the honey hole after Googling them.  Basically, it’s a random acts of kindness for the twenty-five days in December leading up to Christmas.

I LOVE this idea for many reasons…

*Next year I’ll create my own and make it super age-appropriate for our house.  The possibilities are endless.  Things can range from smiling at three people to letting someone get in front of me in line to drop off a goodie for a neighbor to tell a friend something you love about them.  You can make it work for a two-year-old to a house full of teenagers.

*This doesn’t have to cost money, which is so nice during the holiday season.  Most things I tend to add to our plate during this already busy season cost money.  And let’s talk about that lesson for our kids…being kind is absolutely free.

*I’ve been known to choose too many daily countdowns around Christmas because let’s be honest-there are SO MANY FUN THINGS TO DO!  But what would happen is we couldn’t do it all and it’d give me another reason to be a bit stressed during the season.  Well, this is easy!  And this year because I’m super late to the Kindness Advent Calendar train I literally screenshot one calendar to share with the kids.  As we drove to school on Monday I told them all about it and gave them the challenge of giving one person a compliment that day.  They all happened to have dentist appointments so when I grabbed them out of school I asked if anyone had completed the assignment.  They had ALL complimented someone already!  It gave us a chance to all share the kind things they’d said at school.  I’m not tooting the Slaughter kids horn here…I’m trying to say this is just an easy thing to add this season that shouldn’t stress or bog you down.

*And if it happens to spread kindness in your community-well, that’s just icing on the cake!

Today, the Slaughters are being challenged to hold the door open for someone.  See, I told you it’s easy, but hopefully we’re spreading some Christmas cheer and a little kindness wherever we go this season.

Have you guys heard about this?  Have you been doing it for years and I missed out on this like I missed out on gaucho pants?  If you’re like me, no worries-I’m adding it to my calendar to remind us all about this next year in November! 

Here’s to spreading a little kindness around!  Have a great day!

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