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First up, I hope today’s post is more like a group discussion.  I am NOT an expert on this subject, but I’m hoping we can all share something (or a few things) we do at home that keep things running smoothly no matter how many children you have in your home.

Maybe you make your kids sleep in their clothes for school the next day to save time in the morning?  Or you give your kids a monthly chore they have to do daily?  Whatever it is, please let’s share some things we do at home that helps keep our homes in order.

With children, the second I get something mastered they’ve moved on to a new stage.  Do you guys ever feel like that?  I’m contantly changing up what they should be doing at home and trying to give them more responsiblity.  

These are the things that keep being a mom to three a little more manageable.  (I realize those of you with four and five kiddos are probably laughing at me right now.  I’d be laughing too if I were you.  Weigh in!  We need your tips!)  

A few of my tips:

*Homework-I know every class is different but both of my big kids have pretty flexible homework calendars.  They have a date to turn it in but can complete it whenever they’d like.  We try to do as much homework as possible on Monday afternoons.  #imnotaprocastinator  I just know every Monday we’ll be doing homework for a bit.  The rest of the week we get to be a lot more laid back in the evenings because the majority of their work is done.  It helps our homework situation tremendously.

*Drop Off-When everyone walks in the door after school, it can go from squeaky clean to tornado-like chaos in under three seconds.  The kiddos are responsible for everything they’re bringing in the door.  {Do I have to remind them of this?  ABSOLUTELY!}  But I have to step back and let them do it or they never will learn.  They must put all their stuff away before snack, drink, or anything else takes place.

*Laundry-You guys know this is my struggling area.  🙂  I fold clothes downstairs, place them in piles, and then the kids are responsible for carrying them to their rooms.  The big kids can put the majority of their things away.  I do most of Bowen’s for him, but it’s such a big help to have them carry them up.  This was a GAME CHANGER for me.

*Pick Up Before Bed-Before it’s bedtime, we do a big sweep through the house.  Everyone pitches in and we get the house ready for the next day.  With everyone helping it doesn’t take long.  I think sometimes as a stay-at-home-mom I get caught thinking I should be doing things for them.  I have a friend whose kiddos are a couple stages ahead of mine and she is constantly telling me to make them do things or one day they’ll come in after high school and still be requesting I make them a snack.  The point is…no matter what we do-work from home, stay-at-home, work outside the home…our kiddos need to be pulling their weight.

*Write it Down-If I’m worried about forgetting something, then I write it down.  When it comes to kid parties, items to send to school, field trip money, etc….I write it down so I don’t forget.

*Give Yourself Grace-No one is perfect.  God created YOU to be the wife and mother you are.  No one else is more perfect for the job.  Remember that.  We’re all gonna mess up, but we’re trying our best and that’s the important part.  

Just a little proof I do NOT have it all together…this picture was taken the day after Tab had knee surgery.  Tab was resting in bed.  I let the kiddos play outside, told them to clean up, and then they came in for dinner.  I didn’t think about checking the yard for toys.  The next morning as I was driving the kids to school I saw Bowen’s blue car IN THE STREET and then halfway down the road was our pink basketball!  #momfail  #weallhavethem

Something to make that little confession sweeter is the fact that Tab is a bit over the top about our yard.  He is on the meticulous side when it comes to the front yard so knowing our toys were out all night IN THE STREET just makes that even more crazy.  Don’t worry, I sent a “I’m SO SORRY” text to my neighbors.

What about you?  Please share your best motherhood/keeping things running smoothly tips with us. Or if you have a good mom confession you’d like to get off your chest, feel free to share that too.  🙂

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Happy Monday!  XO

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